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Muffy Tails | A to Z of Being a Man’s Best Friend #AtoZChallenge

There. There.

Until this very moment, I wasn’t sure of my theme for this year’s #AtoZChallenge. This is my fifth consecutive year participating in the challenge and as always I was clueless until now. I turn to P, my husband when I find myself in a pickle. So on my first year of A to Z, he came up with some cute ideas like writing about animals to some bizarre ones as to how to have a 24-inch waist. Well, you now know how he thinks.

That’s when I took the matter into my own hands and in the second year, my theme was 26 Hours Before My Wedding incorporating Shakespearean Idioms which we use in our day-to-day lives. The third year saw me writing about My Life as an Army Wife and last year it was all about my trip to Thailand.

So, from personal posts to travel I have done it all. I had few themes in my mind for this year like my favorite books, all about me etc. But thanks to some very dear friends (you know who you are!), I decided to make things a little interesting.

Without much ado, here’s my theme for A to Z 2016.

Muffy Tails | A to Z of Being a Man’s Best Friend

muffytails atozchallenge kohleyedme.com

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Over to Muffy!

Well, Hello World!

This April I am taking over Mamma’s blog to share my pawsome puppy tales with you. You can expect helpful information, fun and interesting articles topped with a dollop of adorable pictures and videos of mine. I will also be calling some friends over. I hope you’ll join me on this journey. I promise to shower you with unconditional love and deliver a positive dose of dog everyday, this April.

Meanwhile, I also hangout in Instagram. Do follow me there.

Find all the A to Z posts here:

A: All About Muffy – The Cute Lil’ Pupper

B: Dog’s Bedtime Sleeping Position {Guest Post}

C: Can Cats and Dogs Be Furriends? {Guest Post}

D: Doggo Lingo

E: Exercise for Dogs {Guest Post}

F: DIY Homemade Dog Food

G: Getting a New Puppy

H: Healthy Vs Harmful Foods for Dogs

I: Ten Dog Idioms You Should Know




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P. S: Love Party Foods? Check out my food blog this April for some easy recipes to wow your guests.


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