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Exercise for Dogs {Guest Post}

I’m surprised that many of you don’t know the Dog Lingo. Glad that I wrote about it yesterday! Today I have requested another one of my mommy’s favorite bloggers to grace this space. Rachna is a passionate cook and mommy often tries out the easy healthy recipes she shares on her blog. Mommy doesn’t let me taste them though. I guess she gives me some special food. Well, more on that later. Anyway, today Rachna has let her dear doggo Coco to write on an important topic here- Exercise for Dogs.  However, smol or woofer like we are (you know what smol and woofer mean right? I’m testing you! Go back to the Dog Lingo Lesson from yesterday!), we all need a fair amount of exercise. Mommy plays with me on the lawn every morning and evening. She says I will go on my walks when I turn 3… I mean 3 months which is four days from now. Needless to say that I am super-excited!

Over to Coco!

Hello there. I am Coco, the apple of my family’s eyes. You know I am very smart and hence my mum and dad have named their Smart Home Automations venture after me. Can you see me being all smug? You know why I am so smart? It is because I love to exercise. Yes, you heard that right. Want me to go for a car ride? I am ALWAYS game! Do you want to play Frisbee with me? Bring it on. You know I can walk/run 5K with ease and as soon as I sense someone wanting to go out of the house, I do my special Zulu cum deer dance along with backflips so that they would take me along. I am sorted because my entire family loves to walk, a lot!

You know if you have a furry friend like me at home, you have to take them out to exercise. Our small houses in cities are just not good enough, you see. Though I bound up and down the stairs and run around chasing stray flies and sometimes even pesky cats that dare step on my home’s lawn, my heart desires more. My body desires more too.

Exercise is a Must for a Healthy and Happy Dog

Here are 5 reasons why all dogs must exercise:

Coco Dogs and Exercise

Hello there! I’m Coco!

Exercise and Dogs

  1. To maintain optimum health: Well this was a no-brainer, right! Just like hoomans, we need to exercise our bodies to stay fit and in good shape. I am going to be 7 this year and I am already feeling a bit stiff jointed. It’s good that I am pretty regular with my walks now.
  2. To slow down ageing: It is a sad fact of life that I am not that energetic puppy any more. But you know what, I still have loads of energy to burn. Exercising regularly keeps my weight optimum and I do look younger than my other Labrador friends who have started looking old and obese. I am sure my workouts are keeping me more than young at heart. No wonder I get so much female attention of the canine kind.
  3. Exercise is quality time together: My parents and brothers love to take me out. I enjoy keeping pace with them and sometimes racing ahead of them and I am the perfect exercise partner to have. I will never let you slacken and I am ready with my leash every evening. Have you seen my puppy eyes? My family just can’t refuse me. You know the added perk. They stay healthy as well and we spend some lovely time outdoors.
  4. Exercise helps with anxiety: I have noticed that I feel my moods getting better after a good run. I also feel close to my family and less anxious or grumpy. I think it must be having to do with the good hormones that exercise releases in me.
  5. Exercise is good for my joints: I know that being a Labrador, I am more prone to having stiff joints. I’d overheard my vet tell my mum that I have to exercise and eat high Calcium food so that my hind legs and hips stay free from arthritis. Well, I try my best to not give mum a tough time by doing my bit.

So there you have it. If you have a pet like me, do take them out for exercise daily. Don’t skimp on it. I would love to thank Muffy for being such a wonderful host and having me over on his mum’s blog. Big woofs to both of them. It was so much fun to write a post.

Authors Note: Rachna is a proud pet parent, an entrepreneur, an Editor and a blogger. She recently launched her own smart home automation solutions under the name of Coco Smart Homes named after her Labrador. She is a proud feminist, loving mum and wife. You can read her on Rachna says and Rachna cooks. She is also a fitness enthusiast, a passionate home chef and mum to two boys apart from Coco.

You can also reach her here: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest


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