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Dog’s bedtime sleeping position {Guest Post}

Welcome back bouys and gurls! You know.. there are few bloggers who my Mommy absolutely adore and respect. Today, I have requested one of them to grace this space. He is none other than Dr. Roshan Radhakrishnan who blogs at Godyears. I don’t like doctors because whenever I visit one, I get an injection. But Mommy tells me that he is a hooman doctor and that he wouldn’t hurt me. So, I like him. Today he is going to talk about one of the favorite things I do – Sleep and my Bedtime Sleeping Position.

Over to him.

Dog’s Bedtime Sleeping Position

A normal dog sleeps around 14 hours a day and up to 18 as a pup. Yes, it indeed is a dog’s life. A large part of this has to do with the REM cycle during sleep – that is the deep phase of sleep where we all dream. Since dogs spend less time in that REM phase, they tend to need more time for adequate rest.

Now, if you were to ask dog owners about how their pets look when they are asleep, you are likely to get assaulted with hundreds of pictures of dogs sleeping in all sorts of silly and adorable positions.

Here’s the thing they may not know, though. Each of those unique positions the dog sleeps in represents something. Without further adieu, let’s check out what these poses mean, eh? (purely a coincidence that it gives me a chance to assault you with a bunch of pictures of my dog Snoopy sleeping in weird positions.)

1. Side sleeper

  • Allowing their belly to be exposed is a sign that they trust their surroundings.

Dog sleeping position sideways

2. Curled up

  • This – the commonest position – is a form of conserving body heat.
  • Limbs, belly, and face are wrapped inside as a form of self-protection.

Dog sleeping position curled up

3. Superdog 

  • Sleeping on the belly with all four limbs outstretched and head level as though flying like Superman is a ‘ready for action instantly’ pose. They are more likely to get up quickly when called.

Dog sleeping position superdog superman

4. Upside Down

  • Dogs allow themselves to be in this position – leaving their belly exposed – when they are extremely trusting of their surroundings. Associated with pets that have an independent and laid-back nature about them.
  • You need to consider the converse of the curled up position – that they may be expending heat in this position.

Dog sleeping position upside down

5. Touchy Feely

  • Well, they just love you and want to feel your presence around them even when they are asleep. Duh!

Dog sleeping position touchyfeely

Fun fact:

That tendency they have to walk in a circle before laying down to sleep or digging and scratching your blanket/floor/carpet stems from their ancestral lineage where they had to flatten the woods and leaves around them or dig a hole to stay warm (in winter) or cool (in summer).

Hope you learned something new about your pooch today. Now go check out his/her sleeping position and pet him on the head to let ém know you finally understand.

Authors note:

Anaesthesiologist Dr. Roshan Radhakrishnan believes in the healing power of love and laughter but practices medicine just to be on the safe side. A winner of Write India (India’s largest crowd-sourced literary competition) Season One as well as Two, he also has a trophy for ‘Best Blog in India for Creative Writing’ awarded to his blog, at the Country’s First Live Blogging Conference and Awards Ceremony. Over 20 of his short stories have found their way into anthologies over the years.

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And oh.. here are my sleeping positions 🙂


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