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Origami : DIY Dog Bookmarks

My pawrents are poles apart. My momma loves reading and dad would fall asleep before finishing the first page of a book. The irony is that he was adjudged the best dramatist and script-writer (State Level) during his school days. Anyway, back to the point. Ever since my momma fell in love with reading, not a day had passed without reading at least a page of a book. But ever since I came into her life, she is not getting time to read. That’s when I decided to ask her to make cute little dog bookmarks. So, this is for all bibliophiles who are (involuntarily) taking a break from reading or wants to escape a reader’s block.

DIY Dog Bookmarks

Here’s the step by step tutorial for making this Dog Bookmark.

    1. Take a square paper and fold it from one corner to other.
    2. Bring one corner up and fold. Do it for the second corner as well.
    3. Unfold and now you can see creases.
    4. Bring one of the two flaps down to right down to the bottom.
    5. Bring the right corner and tuck it in.
    6. Bring the left corner and tuck it in. Your bookmark is kinda ready. To give it the shape of a dog, we need to do the next steps. Draw the numeral 3 as shown in the picture. You need to cut this part out.

7. Make a small triangle on a black paper and cut it out. Stick it to form the nose. Make a shape of ears as shown in the picture.
8. Cut it out.
9. Stick to the bookmark to form the ears. Make a smaller version of the ear to make the eye patch.
10. Take a long strip of paper and color it pink. Alternatively, you can take a pink strip of paper. At the tip, cut to form a semi-circle.
11. Place inside the bookmark and pull the semi-circle part to form the cute-little tongue.
12. Draw the eyes.

13. You are done! You can also stick a tail and few dog patches as well.  Enjoy!

I hope you like it!

Inspired from Youtube.


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