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DIY Dog Rope Toy using an Old Tee

Oh, it was a fantastic day! My mommy made me a toy! She used her old t-shirt to make this easy rope toy and I absolutely loved it. You must definitely try it out for your canine friend. It hardly takes about five minutes.

DIY Dog Rope Toy using an Old Tee

  1. Take and old tee and place it on an even surface.
  2. Using your scissors, cut across the sleeves to make an almost square piece.
  3. Cut five strips down the shirt – 3 of equal width and the other 2 smaller.
  4. Place three bigger strips together and tie one end using one of the smaller two strips.
  5. Braid the strips and tie the end using the other smaller strip. Done!

diy dog rope toy

Let’s see if I loved it! ๐Ÿ™‚

Do you’ve some easy DIY dog toy ideas? Let us now? I love playing!


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