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Ten Dog Idioms You Should Know

Today we are going to do something real fun! It’s all about Dog Idioms! My mommy loves idioms and she says it’s a fascinating aspect of her hooman language. Here is a list of some expressions that use ‘dog’. Let me know how many of these you’ve heard before.

Dog Idioms You Should Know

a. Raining Cats and Dogs

Crazy weather! A storm with wind and heavy rain.

b. Bite the hand that feeds you

Ungrateful! To turn against someone.

c. Dog Days of Summer

The hottest days of Summer! This is from early July to early August when Sirius, the Dog Star, rises and sets with the sun.

d. His bark is worse than his bite

He’s all talk and no action!

e. Dog eat dog world

Ruthless competition! Something like survival of the fittest.

f. Dog-ear

To fold down the corner of a book to mark the page! Mommy hates it! She believes books deserve more respect and care.

g. Let sleeping dogs lie

To avoid the things at peace so that you do not cause any problems!

h. A dog with two tails

To be extremely happy!

i. Puppy dog eyes

Dramatically sad face by enlarging your eyes (to get what you want!)

j. It’s a Dog’s Life!

To be loved, pampered and treated as a family! This one’s Mommy’s favorite 🙂

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