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Summer Essentials to Pack When You Head to the Shore

The temperatures are soaring and the first day of summer has made its glorious mark in various parts of the country. The sun is pouring all its harshness in the name of the summer season. All you want to do is head to a seashore and make the most of your time at the beach. The only thing left for you to do is Pack! So let’s find some things to tote to the shore.

summer essentials- beach essentials

When we planned a trip to Thailand I was confused as to what to buy and pack for a beach holiday. I wanted to protect myself from the sun, surf, and sand and there weren’t many options available at the place we were stationed- online shopping was the only ray of sunshine. Most of the things stowed in my bag were from Myntra- the one-stop online shopping destination for all the lifestyle and fashion needs.

a. Sunscreen

A good decent sunscreen would save you from tanning majorly. On my beach trip, I’d picked up one with an SPF of 50+and it helped me stay protected from the harsh UV rays for a long time. Be skin safe and don’t be a victim of sunburn or hyperpigmentation.

b. Facial Wipes

You may sweat like a pig or you may need to wipe off that mascara run down during summers. The scented ones are my favorite as it helps in keeping me fresh as well.

c. Sunglasses and Hats

These are must-have summer essentials if you are going out during the day. Protect your eyes and head from the harsh sunlight.

d. Dry Shampoo

Ah! I tried the dry shampoo for the first time when I headed to Phuket and I absolutely loved it. It helps in giving a fresh life to my limp hair and greasy scalp caused due to the heat.

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e. Facial Mist

Facial Mist is my favorite travel companion. A nice, cooling mist on the skin is what you need when the sun is literally burning your skin. Spray some on the hands and feet for it keeps the skin cool.

f. Waterproof bag and zip locks

You ought to protect your wallet, phone, and camera from getting wet. You also need to separate your wet clothes. Waterproof zip locks also help you to carry your phone when you enjoy watersports like scuba-diving or kayaking.

g. A book

I always carry a book with me and I love relaxing on a beach with a good book. Few of my favorite Summer Reads include Eat Pray Love, The Summerhouse, and Fan Girl.

h. The Obvious

These include your wallet, phone, camera, clothes, swimwear, beach bag, beach towels and flipflops.

i. Miscellaneous

Every travel plan must include the First aid kit with bandaids and antiseptic creams, medicines including antacids and painkillers for emergencies.

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j. Foundation

Last but not least, most beach locations are party destinations as well. You also have luxury dine-in experience in cities like Bangkok and you need basic makeup essentials. Invest in a good foundation that gives you moisturization and coverage and which also has an optimal SPF.

So, are you all set for a beach vacation? Let me know what others you’d pack before heading to the shore.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. However, all opinions are entirely my own.


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