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Can Cats and Dogs be furriends? It’s Pawsible {Guest Post}

My mommy has always been a dog person. She always had dogs in her home since childhood and never a cat. However, a couple of months ago when she got back home to her parents, she found two new members in the family – a cat and a dog named Chakki and Simba. They are the best of friends and that makes me want to see and get to know a catty in person. You know in my long three months of life, I have never seen one. Arf!

Today Mommy has requested another one of her favorite bloggers to grace this space. She blindly follows her book recommendations and is floored by her amazing talent in poetry. She is also the proud owner of two furballs – Pebbles and Buttons. Please join us in welcoming Sanch who blogs at Sanch Writes. She is here to bust the myth as to Cats and Dogs are sworn enemies.

Over to you!

Can Cats and Dogs be furriends?

Meow there! How are you today? Before we continue, let’s introduce ourselves – we are Pebbles and Buttons – two domestic short hair rescue cats who own our hooman, Sanch. Did you know, before our hooman adopted us, she loved only dogs? Yeah, those big furry, yappy animals that can’t self-clean. Ew! Anyway, we reckon we changed her meownd.

cats and dogs are friends

Hi There! I’m Buttons!

Recently though, we found out, our hooman has been thinking of getting one of those yappy creatures. And we are appawled. We think it’s because the neighbour hoomans have two dogs – Enzo and Jovi. Enzo is a golden retriever and Jovi is a groodle puppy. Enzo comes to say hi through the window when we sit in the study; he’s okay but Jovi is still new, and we are not so sure about her. Enzo also woofs hi through the fence when we are in the backyard. But that’s it. We don’t let them anywhere near us. We aren’t that good furriends yet. If they try to get too close, we have hissed at them to put them in their place.

Cats and Dogs

…and I am Pebbles!

If you watched cartoons like Tom and Jerry, you pawbably learnt cats and dogs are enemies. We did some of our own research to find out if cats and dogs can get along. Turns out, they can with a few rules.

  1. If you want to adopt an older dog, make sure their temperament has been tested before and they are okay with cats. Else, get a puppy who can learn to get along with us.
  2. As long as we are the boss of the house, a dog is welcome. The furry yappy beast needs to understand its place in the hierarchy of the household; for us, that would be Buttons, Pebbles, the hooman and then, the dog.
  3. Introduce us slowly to the furry beast. This might mean having us in separate rooms for a while before allowing us to be in the same space with the furry beast on a leash.
  4. Give the furry beast treats if they are calm during the introductions. And do not get angry with us when we hiss at the beast or occasionally swipe at them. It’s our way of telling him who is the boss.
  5. Don’t leave us alone in the same room for at least a month until you can be sure the beast doesn’t snap at us or bite us.
  6. Make sure we have high places we can jump up to – in our house, we have a huge cat tree so it’s not an issue. It’s somewhere we can get to if we feel unsafe.
  7. Make sure as hoomans, you spend individual time with us cats even if you do have a yappy beast.

In the end, even if we don’t fall in love and become best furriends with the yappy beast, we will tolerate them if they let us be the boss.

We will leave you with a YouTube video that proves cats and dogs can be furriends.

And we will keep an eye on our hooman to make sure she doesn’t get one too soon; we like running this household.

Meow for now,

Pebbles and Buttons

P.S. Did you know we have our own Instagram page? Come on over for photos of how purrfect we are!

Author’s Note:

Sanch is a child psychologist by profession and a writer and aspiring author by passion. Originally from India, she has called Australia home since 2005. She lives in a coastal town with her two beautiful rescue cats, Pebbles and Buttons. When she is not writing or working her day job, you will find her reading, chilling at the beach, exercising at the gym or hiking in the bush. She confesses to being a coffee snob, a lover of merlot and craft beers, is imperfect and a staunch feminist.

You can find out more about her on Sanch Writes or follow her escapades on social media. Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest

P.S: You may want to watch Simba and Chakki in action 🙂


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