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The Joy of Having a Puppy!

It’s always an exciting time when you finally decide to bring a puppy home. Visions of fun and frolic dance in our heads and you are ready to take on the adventure! Here is a compilation of some of the hundreds of reasons why I love having my darling Muffy around.

The Joy of Having a Puppy

1.ย He watches me intently (especially when I apply nail polish)

2. He has the greatest of smiles

3. There’s never a dull moment

4. Makes me laugh out loud

5. He greets us as if we’ve been gone a century when we’d only gone out for a five-minute trip to the store.

6. Watches movies with me without changing the channels

7. He’s ready to play any time

8. His beadlike eyes

9. He loves to read (in his own way though)

10. He isn’t a picky eater

12.ย He is a keen observer

13.ย He likes to sleep, anywhere, anytime

14. He talks to his toys

15.ย Truly a man’s best friend

Muffy has brought so much joy in our lives and honestly, our lives truly revolve around him now. ๐Ÿ™‚


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