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Doggo Lingo

Though my Mommy always had a dog since childhood, I’m her first son. The rest was her Daddy’s pets. She wasn’t sure of Doggo Lingo or the Internet Dog Language until I came into her life and had an Instagram Account of my own. Though she doesn’t know it all, she is learning. After all, we dogs do some smol, weird yet adorable things that cannot otherwise be described in hooman language.

I am pretty sure that like mommy, you wouldn’t be familiar with Doggo Lingo but this whole new vocabulary, namely, the doggo, puppers, and floofs is used to describe the members of my canine species.

Let’s get started?

The Doggo Lingo

Pupper = Puppy or a smaller breed of dog

Doggo = A grown-up Dog

This may not be a doggo because I’m still smol, y’know.

Mlem = A dog sticking his tongue out in a licking motion

Blep = Dog’s tongue sticking out just a little bit

Bork = the sound a dog makes, usually a Bark

‎🔊Sound on, please. ‎🔊

Other popular Dog Lingos include:

Doge = dog

Floof = A fluffy dog

Woofer = a large dog, like the Great Dane

Smol = small

Do you know any other? Please let me know in the comment section so that I can teach Momma!


That’s all for now! Don’t forget to drop in tomorrow because…

This April I am taking over Mamma’s blog to share my pawsome puppy tales with you. You can expect helpful information, fun and interesting articles topped with a dollop of adorable pictures and videos of mine. I will also be calling some friends over. I hope you’ll join me on this journey for I promise to shower you with unconditional love and deliver a positive dose of dog everyday, this April.

Meanwhile, I also hang out on Instagram. Do follow me there.


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