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Getting a new Puppy

First of all, I want to thank so many of you who love seeing my daily updates on Instagram. I know that you probably would be thinking of getting a furball yourself. But, no! You’re skeptical. Do not worry. I am here to help you. Getting a new Puppy is a big deal. But I would tell you how well you should be prepared before your dog arrives and what you should do once he’s home.

Let’s get started.

My First Day Home

Getting a New Puppy

Before your dog arrives

a. Have a pow-wow with family: You need to discuss with your family and establish some ground rules first. Everybody should be on the same page as to where the puppy must sleep, who will feed him and who will take him for his 3 am potty break. You should also decide on the times of his meals, potty breaks, and bedtime, though puppies tend to sleep almost all the time.

Another important thing you could decide on is a vocabulary list so that all the members of the family are on the same page. Honestly, it was confusing for me first. When Mommy said ‘down’, she expected me to lie down and when Daddy said the same word he was expecting me to put down the toy I was chewing. Weird, don’t you think?

b. Puppy-proof: Puppy-proof your house! Puppies have the tendency to destroy anything and everything. They chew – a lot. Do remove those laundry bins, books, electrical cords, kid’s toys and oh, shoes!

Prepare a temporary gated-off living space. This will ensure that the puppy will stay put in this area. You can use crates or you can pick a room. Mummy chose their bedroom so that they could always keep an eye on me, especially at nights. My pawrents didn’t want me to feel alone and I feel so good to see them snoring away to glory when I wake up in the wee hours of the night.

c. Stock up on Puppy supplies: Get the basics ready – the collar and leash, food and water bowls, bed, blankets, bath towels, different types of toys, tissues (loads of them), dry and wet food, treats, medicines, shampoos, nutrition supplements, and puppy-pee remover.

Once your Dog is Home

It is an exciting and fun time when you finally have a puppy of your own. However, it could be overwhelming me. Welcome to Zombie Zone. For the next two weeks or so, you are not going to get enough sleep for he might whine throughout the night, and for sure you need to take him out for ‘toilet’ every other hour, including night. However, for the next ten or more years of your life, you’ll have a best friend who’ll shower you with his love and sloppy kisses. And that my friend, is something to cherish.

a. Keep it low-key first: I know you’d be excited but let him get the taste of his new home. Don’t introduce him to so many strangers all at once. Keep the mood mellow and calm.

b. Training begins: If you are using a crate, this may be the time to introduce him to it. Start teaching him bit by bit and set a routine – the meals, bathroom breaks included.

c. Find a vet: Schedule your first appointment and ask your vet all your doubts. Schedule the dates for his vaccinations and ask for medicines if required. I was infested with fleas when I came to my home and Mommy was worried, mostly because I had started developing skin rashes and irritations. You also need to understand that internal parasites such as tapeworms and roundworms are common in puppies and that you should deworm them on time.

d. Teach the puppy his name: My mommy called me Mowgli at first and I hated it. Though it took some time for my pawrents to come up with Mufasa aka Muffin aka Muffy (Brilliant, I would say!), I loved it. After a few repetitions, I started responding to them.

e. Give him your time: This is most crucial. You should get a puppy only if you’ve time in your hand. At least for the first few weeks, you shouldn’t leave him alone. We are just like human babies. We get scared and lonely too. Moreover, we need to know you and that happens only if you play with us.


That’s all for now! Don’t forget to drop in tomorrow because…

This April I am taking over Mamma’s blog to share my pawsome puppy tales with you. You can expect helpful information, fun and interesting articles topped with a dollop of adorable pictures and videos of mine. I will also be calling some friends over. I hope you’ll join me on this journey for I promise to shower you with unconditional love and deliver a positive dose of dog everyday, this April.

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