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Things to Do in Krabi, Thailand

Given an option to go back to Thailand, I would choose Krabi any day and just stay there. These days, I wake up wishing I could be immediately transported back to the beautiful beaches this island has to offer.  Those days with a mango shake in hand, walking along the powdery beaches and wore little more than swimsuits for almost five days straight! Argh! #takemeback

Krabi- Long tail boat - Thailand

It helps that a ticket to Thailand is as cheap as chips. Thailand also has an offer of free Visa on Arrival for over 21 countries including India and China. This fee waiver has been extended to October 2019, so this is the best time to make use of it. If you are worried about the long queues and crowd at the counter, check out the Thailand eVisa on Arrival or eVOA which was launched in February 2019. Visit the website and fill out all the details just as you do on the Visa Application form. eVOA isn’t however, free. Normally, it costs 200THB but with the free fee-waiver, the offer is applicable till October 2019 for eVOA too. There is a service charge of 600THB though. Thailand’s currency exchange is almost Rs.2 for 1 Thai Baht. It is as though the universe is conspiring in your favor. 

Islands in Thailand

Thailand isn’t only about Bangkok or Pattaya anymore. The islands, away from the maddening crowd is what people prefer for a relaxed holiday.

Krabi has always been one of the top destinations in Thailand for tourists all around the world. What we loved the most was that Krabi is relatively untouched, retaining its charm when compared to Phuket or Koh Phi Phi. The area is comparatively compact and once you get an idea as to how to move around this little island, it is easy to explore the many hidden gems that Krabi has to offer – landscapes, virgin islands, food, and scenic view the moment you open your eyes in the morning! Peaceful and serene!

The list of places to visit and things to do in Krabi goes on and on, but I will try to shortlist a few which can be done on your stay here.

Things to Do in Krabi:

Go for Island Hopping

While in Krabi, you can go on a number of Island Hopping tours. The price depends on the boat you choose – long-tail boats, cruise or speed boats. The popular islands you can visit from Krabi include Koh Poda, Chicken Island, Hong Island, Bamboo Island, and Koh Phi Phi Don. 

James Bond Island Tour Itinerary

Visit Railay Beach

A popular beach destination from Krabi would be the Railay Beach, which is home to some exquisite resorts and beautiful boutique hotels. Take a long-tail boat from Krabi to reach Railay. Railay Beach Thailand

Visit Phrang Nang Beach

You can never get enough of the beautiful beaches that Krabi has to offer, each one better than the other. We spent an entire day at Phrang Nang Beach and that is one of the most memorable days in my life.

It is a beautiful scenic spot where you can take some gorgeous pictures. If you are an adventure enthusiast, go for rock-climbing. Else, simply grab a beer and chill on the beach.

Relive some Iconic Bollywood Moments

Many Bollywood songs including those from the movies Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai, Student of the Year, Housefull 2 and Veere Di Wedding were shot here. Well, my favorite among them all was the song from Baaghi – Sab Tera!

Stay in Rayavadee

On the Phrang Nang Beach, is the famous luxury resort – Rayavadee. It is the only 5-star resort on the island and is also part of the Leading Hotels of the World.

Rayavadee Resort Krabi

What makes Rayavadee resort even more popular is its restaurant The Grotto, which offers Cave Dining. It is open to anyone who wants to dine here irrespective of whether you are staying in the resort or not. This was something on my bucket list and I’m glad I had the chance. A gorgeous view as we dined on some delicious food will be etched in my memory forever.

The Grotto - Phrang Nang Beach

The chairs and tables are placed inside the cave overlooking the sea. It’s a beautiful view and especially at sunset. 

The Grotto Rayavadee Restaurant - How to get to Rayavadee

Rent a Motorbike and head to the Krabi Heartland

Krabi Town is where the popular Weekend Market is set up. It is about 20 kilometers from Ao Nang. There are other small shops set up on Beach Road as well. Upon reaching Ao Nang, Krabi, however, we decided to skip Island Hopping after having done two in Phuket, including the James Bond Island Tour. So while we contemplated what to do the next day, we found ourselves taking up a rented motorbike and heading towards the town. The journey was breathtaking with picturesque mountains and landscapes. And in the end, it was the Giant Catfish farm, which awaited us.

| Nina’s Giant Catfish Farm

Again, this was a fun day with a little lamb guiding us through this tiny little farm amidst nature. An all natural jacuzzi, walk through the rickety old wooden bridge, having coffee by the riverside restaurant and feeding giant catfishes are still afresh in my memory.

Where to stay in Krabi

Krabi is home to some finest resorts, budget hotels, hostels, restaurants, and bars. You can pick from a wide variety of options.

Confused about choosing a hotel and a hostel? Let me help you out.

How to reach Krabi

I had mentioned in detail here about how one can use the ferry service from Phuket to reach Krabi. This is the fastest option but one can also travel by road. You can also travel by air from Bangkok and Chang Mai for Krabi has an international airport.

| How to Reach Ao Nang Krabi, Thailand

It’s a honeymoon destination!

We had seen many couples on a honeymoon in Krabi. We were asked by the hotel staff, the masseuse, and even a lady in the store whether we were on our honeymoon. Of course! If you can say so after four years of marriage!

What not to miss in Krabi

Longtail Boats!

The sunsets!

The pancakes!

The markets!

The food!

Massaman Curry Thai Food

And the Massages!

In Krabi, we had decided to chill and relax, go to nearby beaches, have great food, visit the night market and revel in Thai massages. I am a sucker for great massages and spas, but the husband was in for a surprise πŸ˜›

We lazed around, spent an evening in the resort’s infinity pool and lay there even when it started to rain. A couple from Australia warned us about getting wet in the rain, but oh, come on, we are in the pool. Seeing our enthusiasm, they jumped into the pool with us in ten minutes.

Our stay in Krabi is one of the most memorable days of my life. Laidback and unexplored, I hope it doesn’t lose its charm by the time we visit the next time. “The next time?”, my husband asks. My smile melts his heart and we nod in unison.

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