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Hotel or Hostel?

You’ve decided to book your tickets to Thailand. But where do you stay? I wouldn’t worry that because Thailand gives you a lot of options. Be it a hostel, cheap, budget or luxury hotels, bungalows, and resorts, one can always find a place to stay without worrying too much.

For the longest time, traditional hotels and lodges were the only options available to travelers who wanted a modicum or privacy. And hostels were considered to be made used only by backpackers and not tourists traveling with friends and family. But times have been changing.

But how do you choose whether to stay in a hostel or a hotel?

For a stress-free privacy option, you should choose a hotel. You’re guaranteed your own space(including washroom) and you can get to choose from well-established hotels from a wide variety of locations.

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Hostels are mostly chosen by backpackers or tourists who don’t want to spend most of their time in their room sleeping or relaxing, who generally tend not to spend more than just a couple of days in a place. These tourists would be busy roaming around the town, sightseeing than looking for luxury. They want to find a place where they can stay on a budget, saving some money. Also, since they often travel alone, staying in a hostel can be a good way to meet other backpackers and have some great experiences.

Hostels aren’t those cheap, unwelcoming places anymore.

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Pros of staying in a hostel:

a. It is Affordable. Depending on the number of beds in a room, their prices can vary, but they are still going to be more affordable than any other hotel.

b. You can have Privacy by booking a room with 3 or 4 beds, thereby ensuring that your family can share the room.

c. Amenities: I have seen many beautiful hostels, clean and modern and with great facilities like a common television room, a coffee lounge, and even a library. So it isn’t shabby anymore.

d. Experiences: You get to meet people from different nationalities and age groups.


Cons of staying in a hostel:

a. Privacy: If you choose a dormitory, you’ll not have the same kind of privacy you expect from a hotel room. Your roommates may come back in the middle of a night and it could be noisy. Well, you can’t complain about it, can you?

b. Age limits: Few, if not all hostels have age limits. Few are meant only for the younger lots (not more than 30yrs).

c. Amenities: You may only be provided with a bed and locker and a common bathroom. So, it’s better to forget about nice towels or a nice view.

That said, communal breakfasts, weekend party opportunities, book exchanges and rooftop cinemas can liven up your hostel experience. What would you choose? Hotel or Hostel?

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