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James Bond Island

The 007 theme tune echoed in my head as we passed through Khao Ping Kan. This lonely looking limestone tower karsts got its name ‘James Bond Island’, thanks to its feature in the movie ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’.

James Bond Island Tour Itinerary

James Bond Island Tour Itinerary

James Bond Island is in the Phang Nga Bay. It is astounding to see some majestic limestone cliffs in this bay that vertically project out of the emerald green water.

James Bond Island Tour:

On our trip to James Bond Island, we stopped at the stunning Ice cream Cave in Kaew Island. The rock formations, stalactites, and stalagmites were found inside this dark cave and we were given head torches to find our way in. These look like melting ice creams and hence the name.

Ice cream Cave - Stalactites - Stalagmites

We then head to Hong Island and yes, I went canoeing.

Hong Island

It was a beautiful experience, paddling along the dramatic lagoons and mangroves. We had to duck our heads as we went through coral reefs.

Canoeing in Hong Island

We spotted some colorful tiny crabs and spiders.

It was like a treasure hunt getting to see some hidden gems in this tour, namely the Honeymoon cave and Scooby Doo Rock.

Honeymoon Cave - Hong Island

An ideal place for Honeymoon in the laps of nature, don’t you think?

Famished we head to the Muslim Village, Panyee Island where a sumptuous spread of food was spread for us. Mainly seafood and some fresh fruits we went about exploring the place.

James Bond Island looked like a needle formed limestone rock. The crowds and rows of souvenir stands may put you off, but it has one of the astonishing views in the world.

James Bond Island Thailand

We head off to Lawa Island for a quick swim and swim is a rather relaxing break. A nice beer, clean water, and some good sceneries, made the tour worthwhile.

Lawa Island - James Bond Island tour

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