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Nina’s Giant Catfish Farm

We had the entire day to us. We didn’t want to head for another Island Hopping and it was too hot to relax on a beach. We rented a motorbike deciding to just drive and see where the day was taking us. While the husband was munching on his egg and cheese Pancake, I decided to browse through the popular destinations in Ao Nang and there it was- the Giant Catfish Farm!

The journey to the Giant Catfish farm was fantastic! The weather, the landscapes, the wind and the road were open to us to explore. The untouched nature added to its beauty and I could hear myself humming a favorite tune in the pillion seat. For a moment I wished that time would freeze. I didn’t want to go back. Not today, not ever.

Giant Catfish Farm, Krabi

The Giant Catfish farm is a hidden gem in Krabi. It is run by Nina and her family who is part of an NGO. Nina came to Thailand from Australia, some 30 odd years ago and this little farm was set up. The Thailand government helped her by offering the land and other necessities.

Giant Catfish Farm Ao Nang Krabi

This farm is not a posh, out-of-the-world type of place. It is laid back and she has done everything to retain the natural beauty. You may feel that it is a little run down, but it’s like taking a stroll in the jungle with little animals to pet and fishes to feed.

Map of the Giant Catfish Farm Thailand

After taking the first few steps, we were astounded to find out who our tour guide was!

Yes, this little lamb who would take us everywhere…

Lamb in giant catfish farm krabi

stop for a munch or two on the way…

Lamb munching on grass - Giant Catfish Farm Ao Nang

demand for a feed…

Lamb in Catfish Farm Krabi

a pet…

Giant Catfish Farm Ao Nang Krabi - The little lamb

or patiently wait for us for hours as we fed the fishes and played like little children in the natural pool.

There is a crocodile and few tortoises (in a caged environment), hens, ducks, geese, rabbits, a pig and a little potbelly monkey. Many of these are donated animals which would probably be killed otherwise.

Tortoises in Giant Catfish Farm Krabi

There are huge trees and tropical plants (each of them labeled), and small trails are made which will give you a jungle walking experience. There is a display of wild and rare orchids too.

Cross the rickety old wooden bridge and you can find small ponds of fishes including catfish, tilapia, arapaima, and much much more.

Catfishes in Catfish Farm Krabi

When you drop the fish food on the pond, you can find hundreds of them fighting to fetch it.

Catfish Farm Krabi

It is a sight to see huge catfishes come so close to you…

giant catfish farm

…and when you move your feet, the fishes move with you and kinda follow you on the pond!

The husband was thrilled to feed them for so long.

Catfish Farm

After the nature walk, grab a cup of coffee from the little riverside restaurant. Or take a dip in the ponds…

Pond in Catfish Farm

…and streams for a natural Jacuzzi-like experience.

Needless to say, I had so much fun.

Nina has made this farm with lots of love and care, preserving nature in its truest form. While many would feel it is not their cup of tea, we had a wonderful experience. Truly a gem for just 50 Baht per person, it will be a great day with your kids and a break for them from being glued to the Ipads and Iphones.

Handwritten Note Giant Catfish Farm Krabi

I miss everything- those little-handwritten boards, the fish feeding, our little tour-guide, the monkey and Nina’s warm welcoming smile.

Nina at Giant Catfish Farm Ao Nang Krabi Images

We would’ve missed one of the most memorable day of our lives if we hadn’t dropped by her tiny abode – cross my heart. I hope you get to read this, Nina!

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