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Of Coffee and a Windowless Kitchen

Coffee- army wife -

If we were having coffee, I would welcome you to this beautiful place which is the epitome of natural beauty and divinity. I would then pull up a chair on the lawn that overlooks the pristine hills. I’d ask you how you are and patiently listen to what you’ve got to say. I might subtly add that you are lucky to be able to do what you want with life and that you shouldn’t worry about petty things like having to do night shifts at work or why you are going crazy because your maid hadn’t shown up. I have been there and done that.

I’d then say that we have moved to a new station and as much as I want to hate it, I am actually enjoying this calm and serene place. It had been raining cats and dogs for three days but I can spot the rainbows every now and then. So, let’s sip some hot coffee and have pakoras watching it, for I have some stuff to tell you.

Today, I will give you a little peek into my life. I am getting used to the one thing in the Army that is constant- the tenures every two years! As they say, change is the only thing constant. We can either make a real hullabaloo of it or embrace it gracefully. It is in fact fun and the excitement is infectious. However…

… it demands us to cope up with changes, like shifting your entire home every two years. You could be allotted a one bedroom apartment in a metro city like Delhi. It could be a twin bungalow in the abode of clouds in Shillong. Once in a blue moon, you might have to settle in a tent or a shelter too; though the perks include exploring beautiful locations in our country which a civilian do not have access to, most of the times.

I have been staying in a guest room accommodation since the last one month because we’ve been allotted an house with a windowless tin-sheeted kitchen. Yes! You heard that right. I made the call to wait it out so that it becomes at least viable to enter. In my short span of four and half years of being married to the man in uniform, I have stayed in seven accommodations so far in three tenures, including two temporary quarters and three ‘so-called’ permanent quarters (which we had to move twice in the same station as it had to undergo maintenance). However, I fondly remember each one of them- 165D, 258D, 251C, 453, Dhauli Ganga and the guest rooms.

While all the packing, shifting, moving and travel is something I do not look forward to any time in the future, I know it isn’t impossible to have another movement order soon. All our 43 military boxes (Oh yeah!), including the 330L refrigerator, 42″ Television set, and the BOOKS are lying in some shed or room, unattended all this while.

But the one thing that pisses me off or rather scares me to death is the unavailability of mobile networks outside of this location. The husband has gone for a rescue operation in the morning because guess what! The roads are blocked due to heavy landslides and the fog, rainfed muddy waters, humongous rocks falling from the hill right in front of the vehicles are not helping as well.

And as much as I would like to hold my tears back, put on a brave face or smile warmly to his subordinates who comes in with a cup of coffee every now and then, just to check up on me, I do try not to let loneliness and fear set in and bother. 

While you listen to my rant with utmost sincerity and sympathy, I’d assure you that it isn’t as bad as it looks. I know he is doing his duty, and that he wouldn’t think twice before jumping off the cliff to rescue someone who was careless enough to risk his life driving through the landsides. But for one, I am so immensely proud, proud of the uniform he adorns, of the job he has to do, and simply because I have a significant role in his life.

So do I get to brood over a windowless kitchen now? No. I will sit here with you, happily sipping coffee, introducing you to the little kids that are playing around and of course, the monkeys that gibber at us. I’ll tell you that the one thing that kept me sane this month was the decision to get back to blogging and participate in the Write Tribe Festival of Words. That life is fun and that I belong to the silent ranks. It makes me so proud, passionate, bold and defiant.

How was your week? I’d love to know!

‘I am taking part in ‘The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6‘. On Day 1 we wrote about a treasure. On Day 2 we wrote about a resource. Day 3 was to feature a map. Day 4 was to feature a day in my life. On Day 5 we wrote a letter. On Day 6, we featured a guest. Today’s prompt is to write on the prompt ‘If we were having coffee..’


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