Dear Dreams

Dear dreams - letter to your dreams

Dear Dreams,

I look around and I see everyone asking me to follow you, that my life will be better if I live you out. What do they know, I mutter. They don’t have the foggiest idea of my life. They don’t know anything.

I have got the respect from my family and friends. After all, I have built my career over the last five years in one of the top multi-national companies in the country. A career that I’ve always wanted, dual bachelors degree and a post graduation in Engineering. I’ve spent my lifetime not disappointing them. I mean, if I follow you, and my heart, look at what I could lose.

Besides, my life is fine as it is, right?

Only, I know you hear my sobs and cries, every night. You hear my prayers. You see me when I get lost gazing out into space pondering my future.

Only, you haven’t said anything. You’ve remained calm for a really long time. You have remained concealed where it counts… inside me where I’ve kept you hidden, where I could overlook and reject you as though you don’t exist.

You are my dreams.

I wish you told me that you are true, that you would make everything possible for me; that I could put on my dancing shoes again and twirl, and leap, and jump.

I wish you told me that you are real, like the delight I feel when I make those sumptuous muffins; when my family goes Wow just by the aroma that fills in my kitchen. If only, I could pursue it more.

I wish, you lived in my heart and whispered to me in the stormiest of days.

Be my fantasies…

…so that I could tune into you than my feelings of trepidation. Hold my hand, so that we can hop in together.

P.S: I love to write letters. I have written many before – to my best friend, my life, my crush and my 16-year old self.

‘I am taking part in ‘The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6‘. On Day 1 we wrote about a treasure. On Day 2 we wrote about a resource. Day 3 was to feature a map. Day 4 was to feature a day in my life.


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