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Winter is Coming!

In my life as an Army Wife, there are days when I have to endure the Pangs of Separation, locking myself up in a room, crying myself to sleep. My roommate tried to cheer me up by handing over her external hard drive and thereby, her huge collection of movies and music. I came across Game of Thrones and I thought, what the heck! I am going to watch this right now! Remember, I was never a fantasy lover! I hated Harry Potter (yeah, don’t kill me!) and it made no sense watching/reading Narnia, Hobbit, or Inferno, until…

Winter is Coming

Winter is Coming!

I started watching Game of Thrones back to back, for she had all the episodes of the Five Seasons aired on television till then. I’d seen them all twice over when I realized I had to read the books as well. It was then when my husband came for a vacation that I literally begged him to watch the very first episode – Winter is Coming, with me. He isn’t an English T.V. Series fan. He would’ve hardly watched a few episodes of F.R.I.E.N.D.S and he hates the HP series. Well, in my defense, I had tried. He is more of a Die Hard or Gladiator fan. He painstakingly watched one episode with me and there was no looking back. It is still etched in my heart for it was one of those moments when I was so proud of myself. No kidding!

I was back home by 4 pm after my morning shift at work and he was found in front of the laptop glued to the series. He hadn’t even changed his PJs, didn’t have lunch but was jumping with joy for having watched two seasons of 10 episodes each. He had to leave the next day, and believe me when I say we never went out but watched two more seasons.

Two months ago, before the Seventh Season started airing on television (Yes! It is back after a year long wait!), he surprised me by gifting the entire book set of Game of Thrones. There are seven books in total which has been covered in the first five television series. It’s sad that the author George R. R. Martin hasn’t written any more books since 2011 and the television series is ongoing. Maybe, that’s why it has got such a huge fan follwing. Nobody- not the book lovers, not the television series lovers, knows how the story is moving and who will finally win the Game of Thrones. The fans go crazy trying to predict each move of each of the characters and Man, it is bloody brilliant!

This is one of the topics which P and I discuss in length and breadth, for hours together, day and night. This is one thing we could binge-watch together. This is one thing which both of us love. The book set comes with a map of Westeros – the continent where the fictional world of Game of Thrones takes place.

Game of Thrones Book Box Set

If you prefer the television series, you will be sucked into this world with the signature GOT dramatic music, taking you through all the lands mentioned in this map. It gives you an exact idea of all the kingdoms and it is pretty close to the map featured from the books. You should read a Plot Synopsis here.

Here’s a gist: From the track, you can clearly understand that Winterfell is in the north, King’s Landing is in the southeast, and there’s a big wall of ice in the far north. The kingdom of Westeros extends between Dorne in the south and the lands beyond the wall. Westeros was once divided into several independent kingdoms before the start of the Targarean King Aegon’s Conquest. After the war, all the regions south of the Wall were united under the rule of House Targaryen into a nation known as the Seven Kingdoms.

In short, The Seven Kingdoms is a realm of Westeros, ruled by the Lord of the Seven Kingdoms. This is the king who sits on the famous Iron Throne in the capital city of King’s Landing. And the story is about who would sit on the Iron Throne to rule. Phew! That wasn’t difficult!

We have painstakingly gone through each and every detail of this painfully detailed map, making this fantasy novel feel like studying a history text book from high school. Many claims that the map is based on the British Isles. There are many interactive Westoros Maps available online helping you learn and understand the geography.

Here’s a confession: I love Harry Potter and my first instinct was to write about the Marauder’s Map. But I could never find myself as a ‘Potterhead’ – if you know what I mean. I have forgotten the names of many characters, the magic spells, and potions. And for once I can call myself a true blue fan of a book/TV series – Game of Thrones. P and I have/can come up with the best of predictions and know for a fact that Jon Snow is a Mormont. Yeah! Kill us now! 🙂

P.S: If this comes true (not in the TV series for sure, but in the books), you know you’ve read it first here on Kohl Eyed Me.

P.P.S: My chest swells with pride when he convinces his friends to watch the series and turn them into GOT fans as well.

P.P.P.S: He hasn’t read even one page of the book and I know he never will! So you know who willl come up with ‘intelligent’ predictions in a discussion that often leads to an argument! 😛

Tell me, have you watched/read Game of Thrones? Do you know the Westeros Map in and out? We’ve found this quiz on the Westeros Map, at BuzzFeed. You know what our scores are! Beat it!

‘I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6‘. On Day 1 we wrote about a treasure. On Day 2 we wrote about a resource. The prompt for today is to write about a feature a map and write about a place either real or virtual. 


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