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Hello, Folks. Today I am presenting to you a dear friend, an extremely talented blogger Ramya Rao who blogs at Words & Me. An engineer by profession, she loves to pen down poems, stories, travelogues and book reviews on her blog. A true bibliophile, she is all about women empowerment and doing her bit addressing social issues. Ramya has also published a book The Desi BackPack that takes you on a tour of the culture and heritage of India.

She is someone I look upto, admire and respect- not only for her passion for writing. But also for being so honest and self-aware. When I requested for a guest post here on my humble abode, she didn’t even take a second to agree. I’ve always loved her poems. It is so simple that it comes out as pure magic. So here is one of her gems, written especially for the readers at Kohl Eyed Me.


magic guest post ramyarao.com

I believe in miracles and magic,
and that life is beautiful and fantastic.
Magic is in you, me and the universe,
in the belief and relief that things could have been worse.

Magic is in the unbreakable hope,
that gives you the strength to cope.
Magic dwells within you,
and that, in fact, is the cue!

Magic is in the dreams
and in the gurgling streams,
It is in the little tokens of love,
and in the shining stars above.

Magic is everywhere if you believe in it,
from the witches and the enchanted land,
to the one helping hand,
in a city unknown where you feel you don’t fit.
Believe in it and you can see miracles plenty.


Hope you enjoyed her poem. Follow her on all social media: 
Twitter: @Ramya_rao_p
Instagram: @ramyarao.p
‘I am taking part in ‘The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6‘. On Day 1 we wrote about a treasure. On Day 2 we wrote about a resource. Day 3 was to feature a map. Day 4 was to feature a day in my life. On Day 5 we wrote a letter. Today’s prompt is to feature/interview a guest.


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