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What did I gain from Blogging Communities? #FridayReflections

Blogging Communities

Blogging is a fantastic hobby, you’ll agree. I’d also add, it is a lonesome task. Blogging is usually just you, the screen and a cup of chai. But once your blog is up, what will you do next? Who reads your blog? Your family? Friends? How long will that last though? Do you think you can make it all by yourself? That’s when Blogging Communities play a huge role.

Having a blogging community is one of the best things about blogging. When I started this blog back in 2013, I had no idea what I was doing. It was all about food initially and I expected people to drop by and appreciate.

I waited…

and waited…

and waited!

But no one came and I cried! That was when I learned about blogging communities and joined Write Tribe. I found myself surrounded with like-minded people who could understand and relate to what I was writing. I discovered new blogs to read and a network of friendly bloggers who easily became my pals. Meanwhile, I stumbled upon other communities and also started to write fiction, poetry, life as an Army Wife, travel and lifestyle. I have done it all. And much to my surprise, my posts were welcomed and appreciated. My blog’s fourth birthday is around the corner and as I look back, I know I couldn’t have achieved anything without the support of my tribe.

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What did I gain from Blogging Communities?

a. Genuine readership

Even during the initial days of blogging, I loved reading blogs but trust me, I was too scared to leave a comment. But when I dropped my fear and started leaving meaningful comments on the blogs I read, they started commenting on mine. It was a great exposure and a brilliant way to connect with the bloggers. Once you start delivering good content, it opens the way to more traffic as well.

b. Genuine relationships

Networking is a huge plus of blogging communities. It offers a chance to learn, grow together and build everlasting friendships. I have made many friends through blogging, most of whom I have not met in real life.

c. Learning opportunities

This is the best part. When I read about SEO, social media, monetization or self-hosting for the first time, I went crazy. It was too much to take in all at once. Though I ain’t tech-challenged, it was definitely difficult. But I found many people of my tribe willing to listen and advise.

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There were people around me who knew what I did. It’s like any job. You need work friends. We can ask questions, brainstorm ideas and support each other. We can also come up with honest critiques and helpful suggestions.

d. Growing the blog

Imagine if there weren’t any loyal readers aka fellow bloggers coming to your site to read your writes and share them on social media, where would your blog be? Also, how would you brush off the idea of quitting your blog? Admit it. We all have thought of it at least once and if not for your blogging friends you’d have done and dusted your blog a long time ago.

I connect with bloggers by joining in a link party. Often, all the participants would encourage and read each other’s posts. I also love the different Facebook groups and Twitter chats as well. It is also great to meet bloggers offline, attend conferences and events.

When I read this prompt ‘No bird soars too high if he flies on his own wings. – William Blakefor the #FridayReflections, I knew I had to write about how blogging communities helped to spread my wings. I believe the only way to gain is from helping and supporting others. So, invest in it!

Tell me. Are you part of a blogging community? Or are you all about competition?

I’m linking the post to Friday Reflections by Corinne and Sanch.





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