Are you looking for a collaboration? Or do you have a message for me? I would really love to hear from you. Fill the below form or you can also reach me at {workwithshalinir (at) gmail (dot) com}. You can also take a look at my Awards and Accolades page. If you are looking for collaboration in any of the below categories, please expect an unbiased honest review.

work with me

a. Travel: I write travelogues and has extensively covered Thailand. You can find all my travel tales here. Currently, I’m working on an exhaustive series on Uttarakhand.

I am open to travel collaborations which include visiting hospitality space, taking photographs, review/featuring on my Social Media channels and blog, and websites such as Trip Advisor. Looking forward to collaborating with Tourism Boards, Travel and Tour Operators, Hospitality Sectors and Airlines.

b. Books: I accept books for review and you find my Book Review Policy here.

c. Lifestyle Products: Product reviews on the blog and social media channels.

d. Pets: I write about Pets– their welfare, how to’s and pet products. You can also find the Instagram page of my Golden Retriever Mufasa aka Muffy here.