Six Months, Already?

I can’t believe six months have already gone by, in 2019. Where did time go, I wonder. It sure wasn’t an eventful year uptil now and I didn’t do any justice to my Word of the Year.

If I have to rewind and review the last half-year, I would probably say it didn’t have any mushy or heartwarming moments. The husband was out on duty most of the days, I didn’t reach anywhere with my weight loss plan, and blogging has taken a step back. The only time I was over the moon was when I tried my hands on the A to Z Challenge for the seventh consecutive year, and that too on both my blogs.

I was home in Kerala, helping with Dad’s retirement, moving homes and helping mom set up our lovely cocoon. I had a great time with them for over two months, celebrating his retirement and his 60th birthday. It felt amazing to gift something to Dad from my earnings.

While I wrote all about books here on this blog, I had written about 26 Kerala delicacies on my food blog. More than me, I found my parents super-excited to finish the challenge with a bang. The days of the week were synonymous to the letters of the alphabet and there were days when Mom and Dad had already cooked the dish before I even woke up. That is, all I had to do was click photographs and write the posts. From Jackfruit to Clams to Duck to Tapioca, we had covered them all.

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While I had a jolly good time with Dad’s two furballs – Simba and Nemo, I missed Muffy like crazy. I realized my heart belonged to this furball with four paws – my best friend who has seen me laugh, dance like crazy to the latest Bollywood tunes, and cry like a baby when things go wrong. He is my comforter who doesn’t judge me and is always there for me. When I got back to him, he squealed with joy. Husband and I made sure that we took him for an adventure trek earlier this month. Seeing Muffy in his element warmed my heart. Ah, what would I have done without him!

We also celebrated his first birthday earlier this year! We had two giveaways on Instagram – one for his paw-friends gifting bowties, bandanas and treats and the other for his bibliophile friends gifting brand new copies of Becoming and Game of Thrones. We received so much love through beautiful birthday wishes and we even got gifts for Muffy. Things social media can do!

These six months also saw me watching a ridiculous amount of Netflix and Amazon Prime. From Delhi Crime to Made in Heaven, to Sherlock to the Good Wife, I think I had my me-time! The husband and I were heartbroken by how Game of Thrones Finale season had turned out and I don’t think even after a month, we have recovered from that disaster.

I also read some good books which helped me recharge my batteries. As you know, I am participating in a couple of Reading Challenges including the Write Tribe Reading Challenge. Though I haven’t really updated my progress explicitly through a post, I am keeping track of them all on this page. I shall soon do some book reviews.

Travel hasn’t been on the cards really. But husband and I could squeeze in whatever we could with how much ever time he could spare from his busy schedule. Like, we went to Dehradun for a night. Can you imagine? Traveling all the way downhill for 8 hours, catching an overnight train, be in Dehradun for a day and then come back? Well, it is the journey that matters, I guess.

As you can see, there isn’t much to boast about, other than being thankful for all the little everyday things that brought a smile on my face, helped me drag myself out of bed every morning and move on. Maybe, that’s what life is all about.

How was your half year 2019? Let me know in the comment section.

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