Hello 2019 and Word of the Year

Every year-end I could be seen swamping with new ideas and also fear about the future. It has got more to do with having a lot of expectations for the new year – hope, belief and wanting to do everything that would, in turn, bring me happiness and a sense of pride and victory.

This year is no different. I have so many things lined up for 2019 and I’m crossing my fingers (and curling my toes) to have the energy to accomplish them all. But before I get into that, let me tell you about Word of the Year. 

Many believe in making resolutions for the new year. Sadly, these resolutions remain untouched, unaccomplished as days go by. And because of this, you’d feel a sense of regret and also feel sorry about yourself for not being able to tick them off your list.

I have stopped making resolutions for five years, and instead, focused more on having a word that would represent my year ahead. 

What do you mean by Word of the Year?

Word of the Year or WOTY is a single word that would help you figure out what you want from the year, your expectations, where you want to spend your energy on, or what you want to improve upon. 

For example, I was going through a difficult time in 2015 and 2016, having my heart being broken, ripped into pieces and going through a never-ending, everlasting seething pain. It was only natural that I chose the word ‘Embrace‘ in 2015 and ‘Focus‘ in 2016. 

I wanted to stop fighting so hard on people who were just not worth my time or emotions. I took some life-altering decisions including choosing a life with the soldier over my career. 

In 2017, I wanted some kind of progress in what I did in life. I wanted to travel more and grow my blogs, more than anything else. It paid too. Husband and I traveled to Thailand and it was a vacation that brought us closer. Having spent more than 15 days in a stunning island without any kind of work pressure and stress was truly beautiful. That was what the word ‘Thrive‘ did to me. 

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That brings me to 2018 where I chose the word ‘Savor‘. I wanted to Live in the Moment – that’s all I wanted to do. To put my feet up and relax. To breathe and let go. I could do that and I am pretty happy that 2018 was one of the best years I had in life. Living in this paradise – Pithoragarh, rightly called Chota Kashmir, made me open up to nature and truly savor all that it had to offer. I made some amazing friends as well.

The year started off with traveling to Amritsar and visiting the Golden Temple for the second time. I cannot express in words what I felt when I was in his Abode but I tried writing a blog post about it.

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I read some amazing books including Poonachi, Erotic stories of Punjabi Widows, One, Premalekhanam, Wonder, among many others.

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But the best part of 2018 was having a furball all to myself. Mufasa aka Muffy, my Golden Retriever is one of the best things that has happened in my life. He is the blessing that I yearned for and I cannot thank this beautiful baby for all the love he showers upon us every single moment of his life. He is turning one, btw. Ah, how time flies! There is a giveaway on his Instagram account for all pet lovers and petstagrammers. If you have got a pet, you may want to participate.

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I am also glad that my YouTube channel dream had come true and my food blog is doing good. I was one of the five finalists shortlisted among hundreds of entries for the Women’s Web Orange Flower Award. I hope to strive hard and win it next year.

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I did have some downs and confusions. But all in all, I am glad that 2018 happened to me. Now, this brings me to the WOTY 2019.

Word of the Year 2019 | WOTY 2019

As I said at the beginning of this post, I am all pumped up and is brimming with energy and excitement. I am going to do just the opposite of what I had done last year, that was to slow down and relish each moment. This year I want to be out there, ticking off everything that I want to do in life. I want to do anything and everything that I can and give it my best shot.

And that’s why,

My Word for 2019 is …

Oh yes, you heard it right! Such a negative word, but I want to just kill it- as the millennials would say. I am so determined to nail this year in all aspects of my life – be it health, relationships, or work. I want to be that Goal Digger!

My 365 Days project is here (Yet again!) – Slaying It In 2019! Starting today, I would be taking pictures and posting them on Instagram under the hashtag #SlayingItIn2019


You may want to follow me there.

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So, here’s to an exciting 2019! 

Do you have a WOTY? Let me know in the comment section.


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