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I have been swooning over Yarn Wall Hangings for the longest time, and I never thought I would be able to make one. I possess no sewing skills and have never played with yarn before. As I mentioned in the previous post, I so wanted to revamp my reading room and I thought a Yarn wall hanging would add character to the room. Wall hanging made of yarn and macrame are in the rage these days and it adds a bohemian vibe to your space.

I so love Boho-anything, be it jewelry or home decor, I am all up for it. So, after a little research (read lots of Youtube and Pinterest hours), I found what I was looking for.

You require only a few basic supplies. I bought yarns of my favorite colors and got going. You can always play around with your favorite colors. How about yellow to welcome this summer?

DIY Yarn Wall Hanging

DIY Yarn Wall Hanging

Tools and Materials

2 Yarns of your favorite colors


2 dowel rods

White paint


Putting it together: You need two dowel rods. One can be slightly smaller than the other.  Paint your dowel rods white. Let it dry for about 30 minutes. You can use acrylic paint or spray paint. I couldn’t find a dowel rod and used curtain rods. Hence the thickness! Another way is to use a tree branch. It gives a more rustic look.

Cutting the Yarn: Wrap the white yarn 25 times around a long piece of cardboard/ruler or a ledger book. Remember, this would be the length of the longest yarn. Remove from the cardboard and cut one end. Now it looks like a tassel, almost!

DIY Yarn Wall Hanging1

Placing on the Dowel: Place the looped end atop the dowel and bring together the end of the tassel and feed them under the dowel. Pull the cut ends between the looped end and the dowel to make a knot.

Continue making more yarn loops until you cover the dowel. This will be your lower layer of the hanging.

Repeat the process with the plum colored yarn on the second dowel.

Bringing it Together: On a flat surface (or ground!), layer the plum yarn dowel atop the white yarn dowel and space them about an inch apart. Using a long piece of white yarn, work your way up by tying knots on each end of the dowel. Leave a long loose area for the hanging section and continue tying knots on the other end of the dowels, working your way down. 

Beautify it: Want to beautify it some more? Let’s make some tassels. Take a smaller cardboard and wrap the yarn around it for 26 times. Remove from the cardboard and cut an end. Take a string of yarn and place across the looped end. Tie it and the tassel is done! Make ten tassels and it to the dowel aesthetically(!).

At last, hang the tied dowels on the wall and start snipping the ends to clean up any loose ends. I wanted to keep the white yarn in a straight cut and the plum colored yarn in a deep V cut. It shows the colors on the layer beneath it. So, that’s it! Your DIY Yarn Wall Hanging is ready!

DIY Yarn Wall Hanging

You can always tweak the DIY. Use summery colors; add layers; or remove tassels. Basically, anything! 🙂

Love it? You may want to pin it for later!

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