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Koi Good News? #BookReview

I had seen this book ‘Koi Good News?‘ doing the rounds on Instagram for the last two weeks. The title itself piqued my interest because I am being asked this question for the whole of my wedded life. And thus, I decided to give it a shot and guess what? The book had released only yesterday! I bought a Kindle version and started reading then and there. It was unputdownable and I could relate to it on so many levels. But did I like it? Read to know.

Koi Good News? Book Review

The Plot:

Koi Good News? is all about Mona’s and Ramit’s pregnancy. Mona Mathur from Dehradun had married her sweetheart Ramit Deol from Amritsar. But with this marriage came a humongous family as a package, which can be compared to a Sooraj Barjatiya movie. Ramit fondly calls his family bheed and make no mistake about it.

Mona and Ramit have decided not to have a baby in their four years of marriage but wherever they go, they are being bombarded with the question, ‘Koi Good News?’. And no, it doesn’t matter whether it was their choice, or whether they are happy to be child-free. They are married and they are expected to have a baby for the sake of…well, basically everyone.

It is not that the couple doesn’t want a baby. They had been trying to conceive for the last one year. And one fine day, rather, aided by the wine at their highly glamorous neighbours’ party, Mona realizes that she is pregnant. What follows is an array of family visits and interfering mom and mother-in-law. After all, they should have the final say on which doctor Mona should be consulting, what they should be naming their child and when the Naamkaran and Mundan should be happening. Mona is going crazy and Ramit as the confused, bewildered workaholic husband isn’t helping either. The pregnancy hormones and mood swings are making things worse.

Review: Koi Good News? by Zarreen Khan


The book started with a bang! Being married for five years and choosing to be child-free uptil now, I could totally relate to the book. I was laughing out loud which made my husband enquire about what I was reading. Believe me when I say that I then began reading out (most) parts of the book to him.

To Have or Have Not is a decision that should solely be taken by the couple. But the nosy family, relatives, friends, neighbours, maids or even the laundry guy doesn’t let you do that, here, in India. Believe me when I say that an immediate family member had asked me one month after my wedding, whether I have missed my period. Nowadays, they touch my paunch to ask when I am due. No, I am not kidding. People feel that our life is ’empty’ and that we are unhappy. I simply do not understand how our life-decisions matters to them, or how our reproduction ability is of any concern to anybody, to put it subtly.

A private journey of the couple’s pregnancy, this book is a wow for me because it shows the mindset of real India. A light-hearted read, there are so many instances in the book where you realize that this had happened in your life. Written in a humorous style, with the perspective of both the husband and the wife, this is going to strike a chord with all those who are married (in India, especially).


The portrayal of secondary characters, especially Shania, Mona’s younger sister was good. However, I wasn’t quite impressed with Mona’s relationship with her rich neighbors, the Sachdevs. Also, if you look at the whole picture, the book isn’t incredible with a great plot or storyline. But I’m giving this rating as I found it more of a personal journey.

Do I Recommend?

Yes! Unputdownable! You’d love it especially if you’re a married woman.


four stars book rating kohleyedme.com4 on 5

Details of the Book
Title: Koi Good News? Publisher: Harper Collins India
Author: Zarreen Khan ASIN: B07BSV52ZN
Genre: Fiction No: of Pages: 384

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