Gratitude, May and I

May was a supergood month and I cannot be any more grateful for it. If you ask me to list out the things that made me happy, I may not be able to do it. But still, I am going to try. There was no exotic vacation or long drives. It was in the everyday things. The month of May was simply nice.


Gratitude, May and I

I finally got out of the sulking phase and did things which I absolutely loved doing. The first and foremost thing was renovating my study cum reading room and I cannot be any more pleased. I bought accessories for the room that could uplift the whole setup. This includes cushion covers, coasters, posters, a wall clock and the likes.

Room renovation made me go back to those days when I DIY-ed. I got out of the cantonment, roamed around the local market and got yarns of my liking. I spent hours watching YouTube tutorials and Pinterest and got an idea for a wall hanging decor made of yarn. I’m super proud of myself and I’m so happy about how it had turned out.

Now that I was out of my safe cocoon, I indulged in shopping- both online and offline. This shopping spree usually happens only once a year, but then I squander. The local market had stocked on some good quality Chikankaari and I went berserk. From clothing to accessories, books to crockery, I pampered myself. 

I came out of the reading rut as well and managed to finish seven books which I think, is a pretty good number. I had put up reviews of few of the books here. While I didn’t really like a popular book – The Upside of Unrequited, there was one book that made me buy the book on its release date itself. Of course, the title  ‘Koi Good News?’ itself piqued my interest. For the rest, you can take a look at my Goodreads page. My TBR is still growing as I bought a few more ebooks. Kindle Unlimited was something I was wary of. But the heart knows what it wants.

My home is surrounded by succulents and cactus. No, seriously! And I know zilch about indoor plants. However, I again went back to Youtube for assistance and that’s how my little cactus happened.

IPL! Oh, I am a true blue Dhoni fan and was over the moon watching Chennai Super Kings win. I’m pretty sure my Mom was jumping on the sofa watching her favorite sportsman lifting the trophy 🙂

While the whole country was sweating it out because of the scorching summer sun, I was blessed to be perched upon the hills, enjoying a pleasant weather. An occasional hailstorm had me and the pupper jumping with joy.

My vegetable garden was on full flourish and yielded beetroots, beans, garlic, coriander, and mint. I love my veggies these days and have started incorporating these into our daily food. I can see brinjals, chillies and tomatoes growing and I guess those will make it to the June list. 

GDPR got me worried but in the end, all was well; thanks to some dear blogger friends. I should especially thank Shailaja for her selflessness and making the whole process a breeze.

That said, I wrote ten blog posts last month which includes book reviews and a weekly regular – Friday Reflections. I am glad I decided to co-host with Corinne and this is one day which I look up to these days. Friday Reflections challenges me to come up with good content based on the prompt. It widens my perspectives and broadens my thoughts. I am also back to writing for Write Tribe and you should definitely check out the various image editing apps which the Tribe swears by. 

Few of our favorite people came ‘up’ to meet us and this home was alive again. How I miss the get-togethers and parties which we had at our previous stations! I cooked up a storm after so long and was pretty happy about it. I also did some local sightseeing. Instagram and Facebook threw me suggestions about a beautiful quaint little cafe and I’m glad we could finally make it to the place. It is a hub for youth and I am glad I now have a beautiful place, overlooking the entire town, where I can take my laptop and work, sipping a cup of coffee. Oh, that’s actually how it is at home too. 

Last, but not the least, I am grateful because the Universe is working its magic. I thought I had lost a friend, a couple of years ago. It was quite hard on the heart but I’m glad everything is back to normal. 

That’s a wrap! I am looking forward to a fantabulous June. If you are following my Instagram stories, you’d know that I’m on a vacation now! Yay!

How was May for you? Do let me know!

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