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All About Muffy – The Cute Lil’ Pupper

Hello Hoomans! Welcome to my world – where you get to see what a cute lil’ pupper I am.

*drumrolls please* pup-para-raa

Muffy Tails - Golden Retriever Pupper- all about me

But seriously? Don’t fall for this innocent face. My other name is Savage and there is a reason for it. You’ll get to know eventually. For now, I’m letting my fur down and that means you’ll get to know me better.

Muffy – The Cute Lil’ Pupper

Name: Honestly, I am not sure. Dadda calls me Mufasa. But Mommy calls me Muffy, Muffy bouy, Muppus, and Mongoose – all these in varied tones and modulation. It’s funny to hear her sometimes.

Do you know how your pawrents came up with this name? When I first came to this home as a one-month-old puppy (so early, right?), Mommy called me Mowgli. Seems that was what she had in mind. However, I hated that name. I never even looked at her when she called me so and that initiated their search for an ideal name. Discussions turned into arguments. While Mommy came up with Sky, Cadbury, Ginger, and Nemo, Dad proposed Jon Snow. Seriously? I mean seriously? Finally, after two days, I was christened Mufasa aka Muffy. My pawrents love the one and only Lion King and hence the name. They believe I will grow up to be and look like him. However, the argument still continues as to who’d suggested the name in the first place. No, don’t look at me like that. I was sleeping peacefully in my tiny little basket. Well, I don’t like to take sides!

Age: 2 months, 3 weeks and 3 days old as on Apr 1, 2018.

When did you come to your home? Feb 8, 2018 i.e., on my one-month birthday. I travelled miles and after 19 hours, I reached home. I am supposed to be Dadda’s gift to Momma – fifth wedding anniversary, milestone and blah blah.

Breed: Golden Retriever

Likes: to drive my pawrents nuts by marking the territory. Carpets are my favorite but I will make do with Momma’s Coriander garden as well. I also like being fed and cuddled all throughout the day.

Dislikes: Kids! They won’t let me play for they make weird noises. Mind your own business, I say. Let me be!

Chases: Butterflies and bees.

Favorite food: Mud… but only second to Mommy’s special Fish Pulao. I can’t get enough of it.

Favorite game: Playing fetch. Just that I don’t bring back the ball. I come halfway back, sit down and munch the ball.

The skill I learnt in a matter of minutes: To Sit

The trick I do when ONLY Mommy commands: To shake my paw. I do it only when she is alone.  I like to embarrass Momma when she gets really excited and shows off to Dad the trick she taught me when he was awayafor work.

That’s all for now! Don’t forget to drop in tomorrow because…

This April I am taking over Mamma’s blog to share my pawsome puppy tales with you. You can expect helpful information, fun and interesting articles topped with a dollop of adorable pictures and videos of mine. I will also be calling some friends over. I hope you’ll join me on this journey for I promise to shower you with unconditional love and deliver a positive dose of dog everyday, this April.

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