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Mark Your Calendars for #CelebratingIndianBooks Readathon

Hello Hello Hello, my dear booknerds!

We are in the eighth month of the year (trust me, I share the same sentiment as you – 2020 has turned out to be an abominable mess! But I’m trying to bring some good cheer by introducing this readathon!

What is #CelebratingIndianBooks Readathon?

#CelebratingIndianBooks Readathon is just that – a reading challenge to celebrate Indian books and authors. We will be celebrating India’s 74th Independence Day on the 15th of August, 2020. What better time to remember, pay tribute, revel, and commemorate some much-loved Indian authored books!

So, get that kettle on, find a cozy nook and soft throws and dive straight into the rules, prompts and prizes for #CelebratingIndianBooks Readathon

#CelebratingIndianBooks Readathon

How it Works

  1. Reading with Muffy #CelebratingIndianBooks Readathon is a Reading Challenge that runs from 01 Aug 2020, 0000hrs to 31 Aug 2020, 2359hrs. (your time zone).
  2. There are 7 book prompts to this Reading Challenge of which you have to read at least two. You may, however, choose to complete all 7. Brownie points if you do.
  3. You may choose to read any book of a minimum of 125 pages that fits the prompt in the format of your choice (physical, e-book, or audiobook).
  4. To be eligible for this Reading Challenge,
    a. Read!
    b. Share the book review on Instagram using the hashtag #CelebratingIndianBooks. You may also tag @Muffytales.
  5. Leave your reviews on the Check-in post here, on the blog, that will go live on the 15th of August, 0000hrs. The linky will close on the 31st of August, 2359hrs.
    Please note that YOU NEED NOT BE A BLOGGER to leave a link on the check-in posts. You may submit your social media links or blog posts to be considered as a valid entry.
  6. And now, for the most exciting part of the challenge! The PRIZES! Yes, you heard that right!
    a. There will be three winners.
    Winner 1: Amazon Gift Card of 1000 INR (from those who finish all 7 prompts, if any).
    Winner 2: Amazon Gift Card of 750 INR.
    Winner 3: Amazon Gift Card of 500 INR.

#CelebratingIndianBooks Readathon – Prompts

Any book you choose will have to be written by an Indian author.

  1. Pick up a book that is on the Longlist/Winner of one of the following Indian Literary AwardsSahitya Akademi, JCB Prize for Literature, Hindu Literary Prize, or Crossword Book Award.
    If you are already participating in the #ReadingWithMuffy Annual Reading Challenge, I’ve got you covered.
  2. A book that is a Written/Translated from an Indian Regional Language.
  3. A book about or based on Indian history/mythology.
  4. Read a book with LGBTQ representation.
  5. A book about or has a protagonist who is a Freedom Fighter or serves in the Indian Armed Forces.
  6. A book set in Your (or favorite) Indian City/State.
  7. Taking a cue from #ReadIndiathon from last year, pick a book that has Tricolor on its cover. It needn’t have the Indian National Flag per se, but a splash of saffron, white, and green would do.

Here’s a handy graphic for reference!


  1. Can I read one book for two or more prompts?
    Yes, you may. But I will be counting it as only one entry. And for being Winner #1, I am looking for 7 separate book reviews. Also, please mention the prompts in your review.
  2. I’m not good at writing reviews. What do I do?
    I’m not looking for elaborate book reviews. Two-three sentences on what you liked or disliked about the book will be enough.
  3. Do I have to post separate reviews for the books or will one post suffice?
    7 separate entries will make my job easier. So, pretty please?

I can’t wait to see the books you choose to participate in #CelebratingIndian Book Readathon. Get the ball rolling by setting up the TBR today!

Don’t forget to follow @muffytales on Instagram (Not mandatory. But this is just to help you find all the updates and announcements on our Instagram stories.) That said, it’d be amazing if you could give a shoutout on your social media using the hashtag #CelebratingIndianBooks Readathon so that it reaches a wide audience.

Thank you and Jai Hind!

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