Health Changes Post Lockdown: The Way Forward #RestartRight

It has been about three months since we witnessed the rise of the world’s largest pandemic. Our country has taken some harsh but much-needed steps in the form of curfews and four lockdowns.

Even though the lockdown is lifted in most of the states and restraints are let go, it is going to take some time for everything to get back to normal. It is time we look into the future and see what habits and changes can be snapped from an individual point of view.

Health Changes to Make When Lockdown Ends in India

1. Stick to a Healthy Lifestyle

During these difficult times when we are unlocking quarantine, it is imperative to take care of our health. While many are apprehensive to go out of their homes to take a walk, we should find out ways to incorporate healthy habits into our lifestyle.

One of the best things to do right away is to stick to a schedule. Some simple things you can do are to wake up at the same time, exercise, and watch your diet.

Work out on your own using what you have around your home. I walk up and down the stairs and do push-ups against the wall. My favorite thing to do is to join the free streaming of guided workouts. That way, I can easily choose from a variety of workouts like dance, yoga, HIIT, etc.

Alternatively, get some fresh air and increase your Vitamin D levels by exercising in your backyard or just outside your home. But remember to always wear your mask and practice social distancing.

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As lockdown is lifted and restraunts are let go, it is time we look into the future and make some much-needed health changes. Rather than going into a bout of panic, follow these simple doable steps to care of your physical and mental wellbeing. . 🌸 Swipe to find some things I lobed doing during and post lockdown that helped me keep my sanity under these stressful times. . 🌸 1. Stick to a healthy lifestyle 2. Focus on food and nutrition 3. Do the things that you love by prioritizing mental wellness. 4. Keep your kids (nephews/nieces) active and engaged. 5. Choose the right health insurance and learn about telemedicine and online health consultations. @icicilombardofficial has launched the IL Take Care app that gives you such benefits. . 🌸 Remember, we are in this together. . Stay home. Stay happy. Stay safe. . 🌸 with @blogchatter @subzeroricha @vikas_iseeyousee @literaryleha . #RestartRight #icicilombard #Blogchatter . . #ad #healthylifestyle #quarantineandchill #quarantinelife #staysafestayhome #healthyhabits #healthinsurance #choosehealth #SelfQuarantine #HomeQuarantine #safetyfirst #keralagram #kottayamlife #bloggersofindia #lifestyleblog #lifeunscripted #startright #bloggingcommunity #bloggerlife

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2. Focus on Food and Nutrition

We had seen the worst bout of panic buying when we were subjected to lockdown. Now that the online delivery of essentials has resumed, we should be tactical in our approach to buying produce.

As directed by the World Health Organization, buy only what you need, keeping in mind the product’s shelf life. This will help in avoiding food wastage and allowing the needy, access to the food they require.

Though restaurants also are opening now, make use of many freely available recipes online and offline, and prepare healthy home-cooked meals. In case of emergencies or unavoidable circumstances, rely on food delivery with contact-less options.

3. Prioritize Mental Wellness

Just like you focus on physical wellbeing, it is important to prioritize our mental wellness.

Being cooped up in the house all day every day, especially with the widespread fear of the rapid spread of the virus results in mental distress. Many are away from their families and friends and the constant news of the disease is bound to create uncertainty and apprehension about loved ones.

So, do something that makes you feel good: be it curling up with a good book, cooking, listening to music or a podcast, blogging, creating videos, learning a new language or culture.

Also, stay in touch with your near and dear ones and reach out in case you are feeling blue. Talk with your friends and family through video calls and social media. This will definitely help in feeling connected.

4. Keep Your Kids Active

Schools are closed and kids are home.

Just like how you work from home, kids are attending online classes. Needless to say, they’ll be restless, and watching their classmates only through video apps will make them sad.

I know for sure as I find my niece getting worked up about not being able to play with her friends or visit them in the evenings or even on their birthdays.

So, keep them active and engaged with fun activities. Have them play in the backyard, teach them new dance moves, and let them have a good time.

5. Choose the Right Health Insurance

Health insurance is one of the most neglected types of insurance mainly because you do not get any benefit unless you are actually sick. However, it is important to get your health secured with health insurance, now more than ever. However, one needs to assess their requirements before choosing the right health insurance for themselves.

Here are some of the factors that will help you.

a. Individual vs Family Plan

Are you looking for health insurance that covers only you and your spouse? Is yours a young nuclear family? Do you have dependent parents? Look for the different plans available with the insurance provider that will help in covering your needs.

b. Coverage

Learn about the illnesses and medical conditions covered under health insurance. There are separate insurance plans for cancer and heart diseases. Find out about coverage benefits like pre and post hospitalization and daily care expenses like room rent, surgery charges, and ICU charges.

c. Hospital Networks

Go for an insurance provider that has tie-ups with a whole range of reputed hospitals across India. And that’s exactly why ICICI Lombard is your best pick amongst health insurance. With a flexible plan that suits your needs for a family, easy renewal policy, and dedicated grievance redressal, this health plan keeps your family’s needs in mind.

Not only that, keeping the pandemic in mind, they have also released an IL Take Care app that gives you a host of benefits like telemedicine, stress management, consultations, etc.

Remember that we are all in this together and crucial health changes are necessary for our physical and mental wellbeing. So, stay safe and healthy and take precautions even after lockdown ends and we will be ready to #RestartRight.

How did you find this blog post on some of the health changes you can make during this unlock phase? Let me know in the comments below or on any social media channels.

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