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There is, in fact, WAS, a certain aversion when it came to Indian Author Books. At least for me, there was. Before you judge me, I will tell you why. Let me begin with the obvious.

Me reading Indian Author books started with Chetan Bhagat‘s Five Point Someone and I did like the book. I don’t know if I ‘d like the book if I read it now, but about 15 years ago, when it released, it sure did. However, his other books failed to make an impression on me, especially One night at the call center and 2 states. I haven’t read his other books and I don’t think I ever will.

During my college days, I used to hoard books like crazy, especially the used ones because that was what I could afford with my pocket money. So, I read things like Love @ Facebook, My love never faked- trust me I still love you (Yes, that’s the title!!), Ouch that ‘hearts’ and others. No, don’t even get me started.

So, it was only fair that I judged all the Indian author books as cliched romances with deliberate sex scenes for no apparent reason. I had sworn off Indian author books completely.

Things changed only about a decade ago when I (reluctantly at first) picked up Amish Tripathi‘s books – The Immortals of Meluha won me over. I eagerly waited for the release of the other books in the series and though the current ones – the Ramayana retelling isn’t as good as the Shiva Trilogy, I had slowly started changing my opinion about Indian authors.

You know how I love Chitra Banerjee’s rendition of Indian Epics! The Palace of Illusions is one of the best female-oriented books I have read to date. I am part of this amazing Book community called The Book Club through which I discovered many Indian authors, including Sundari Venkataram, Rubina Ramesh and Varsha Dixit. Their books always have a strong female protagonist and they never fail to bring to light some social issue or the other. Their characters are well-etched, and even if the books are light, breezy romances, you instantly fall in love with the impeccable language and writing.

I have always loved reading Khushwant Singh, Ruskin Bond and R.K.Narayan and having gotten around to meet Ruskin Bond at the bookstore in Mussoorie is one of my favorite memories.

Thanks to the JCB Prize for Literature, last year, I got to know so many more Indian author books including Poonachi (Read why I gave it a five-star review) and Jasmine Days ( another favorite read of 2019). Anita Nair was a pretty late discovery. On my trip to Kerala last week, I read ‘The Poison of Love’ and was simply mind blown. A short read, it was poetic and beautiful.

Sudha Murthy‘s books and her simplistic yet incredible storytelling won me over. Jhumpa Lahiri‘s books are also great! But I couldn’t get past the first few pages of Arundathi Roy and Salman Rushdie. Meh 😐

I know I haven’t covered any many amazing Indian authors and has touched only the tip of the iceberg. And with every Tom, Dick, and Harry coming up with autobiographies and fiction (That’s a dig at Shwetha Bachchan though) I don’t think I can cover them all here.

So, do let me know your favorite Indian Author books so that I could add your recommendations to my never-ending everlasting TBR and Amazon wishlist.

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