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11 Harry Potter Spells That I Want in Real Life

Harry Potter – a world that I thought I would never enter into, the one with witches and wizards, goblins and elfs, magic and spells! From borderline aversion to turning into a true-blue Potterhead, Harry Potter has got my heart, mind, and soul!

I was forced by my cousins at the age of nine to read Harry Potter. Sadly, I couldn’t get past the first page – yes, the boy who lived in a cupboard under the stairs was nothing to me. I couldn’t even watch the movies because “Ah, it is meant for kids”, I thought.

But years later, to be precise, twelve years later, I had this strong urge to read all the seven books. I remember begging my mom to get me the books and she denied outright. Nothing could stop me that day and I resorted to getting ebooks. I devoured all the seven in five days! That’s how crazy I went about this bespectacled Gryffindor boy.

The madness still continues for the husband gifted me the book boxset as our anniversary gift, followed by my hoarding of Harry Potter Funko Pops and fandom merch, including the Hufflepuff scarf. Pottermore has allotted me to House Hufflepuff and my Patronus is a Garden Snake. Well, I am a proud Hufflepuff, for sure.

Anyway, instead of going over and over about my love for this series, which by the way, I have read at least five times over, I thought I would share some spells from the HP world that I think would be useful in real life!

Harry Potter Spells That I Want in Real Life

  1. Accio
    Accio is the Summoning Spell. I am a lazy bum! Ouch! I mean, I summon my sister to switch on the fan which is otherwise only a foot apart. So, imagine this: Accio moisturizer. Accio phone. Accio spices from the kitchen cupboard while I cook. Wowza!

2. Reparo
Just like the name suggests, Reparo is used to repair broken objects. I’d most definitely use that to repair all the phone screens I broke (Double Ouch!) and the husband could use it to repair all the broken crockery. I hate it, I hate it, I hate having only five plates out of a set of six. Argh!

3. Obliviate
Obliviate is the Memory Charm that allows you to erase someone’s memories. Imagine finally mustering the courage to walk over and talk to your crush only having to say something really stupid! Ah, I wouldn’t want him to remember that!

4. Scourjify
Hate spring cleaning? Use Scourjify spell to clean something. I can use it especially now with all the house-cleaning (I’m helping my parents move houses!). I can otherwise, most definitely, use to clean the hundreds of dishes after a Fauji party, just like Molly Weasley!

5. Lumos:
Lumos charm creates a narrow beam of light that shines from a wand’s tip. I can walk Mufasa aka Muffy at night or even not stumble over something when the power goes off.

6. Engorgio
Engorgio, the Engorgement Charm is used to enlarge objects. While I do not want to disclose exactly how I am going to use that (facepalm!), I’d ask you to imagine having that double fudge pastry enlarged! Om nom nom!

7. Muffliato
Filling the ear’s with a buzzing noise and making you hear nothing around you, Muffliato can be used when I want to discuss something without being overheard. Psst…psst.

8. Mimblewimble
This tongue-tying curse will be used upon you when you try to win a riddikulus, I mean, ridiculous argument with me.

8. Riddikulus
That said, the Riddikulus spell will take my greatest fear and transform into something ridiculous and hilarious. What would that be? Claustrophobia, may be?

9. The Undetectable Extension Charm
makes things extend on the inside only. I could carry kilos and kilos of Kerala delicacies when I get back home, without the airlines charging me a penny for extra weight! Doesn’t it work like that? Oh no!

10. Wingardium Leviosa
This spell is used to levitate objects with the flick of your wand. Just make sure you get the pronunciation right or be ready to succumb to Hermione’s wrath.

11. Expecto Patronum:
Last, but not the least is Expecto Patronum, the Protective charm that would help me channelize my happiest memories to keep those soul-sucking Dementors away.

That’s all for now!
Are you a Potterhead too? What are your favorite charms and spell? Let me know. Also, do you love this golden fur boy who is also a Potterhead? You can follow him on our Bookstagram at Muffytales.
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