November Ketchup With Me

This month has gone by so quickly and I can’t believe we are already in the last week. Needless to say, with the festivities and the launch of my YouTube channel, things were pretty hectic this side. Yes, on my last Monthly Ketchup post, I had mentioned that I was excited about something. My food channel is live on YouTube and I’m so glad that I could finally gather all my guts to launch it. I’m grateful that so many of you took the time to check out my videos, like and subscribe to my channel and also, gave me suggestions and feedback. It truly means a lot.  

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The nearby Army Brigade has set up a movie hall and I get to watch movies now – theatre style! You have no idea how relieved we all are having to get to watch the latest movies (maybe, a couple of weeks olderto) and also have the opportunity to socialize with other families. Especially with the Winter forcing its way onto our lives, I always feel like cozying up with a good book. The weekly movie is a welcome change in the otherwise boring routine and I look forward to Fridays now.

Coming to books, I read four books uptil now, this month and I’m already on my fifth. With one week more to go, I hope I will be able to add two more books onto the list.

So, how have you been? How is November treating you? 

‘Monthly Ketchup’ is a fun post where I catch up with you through some standard questions and prompts. It is hosted (mostly) on the last Friday of every month. Ketchup because I want that good ol’ Tomato days to stay with me. (New to my blog? This blog was called ‘Tale of Two Tomatoes’ in the initial days before its revamp into Kohl Eyed Me). Feel free to use this template every month to let me know what you’ve been doing.

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Let’s begin.

November Ketchup With Me

Read… Four uptil now, including re-reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. My favorite read of the month was the book called One which is the story of conjoined twins. The book is written in free verse format and this is my first time reading this style of writing.  The story is heart-rending and beautiful. 
Played… with the furball! The husband was traveling the whole month and Muffy was missing him (yeah, more than me!). So, we played fetch, mastered the commands hi-five, give paw, down and go round. He is pretty smart! 🙂
Watched… YouTube videos on videography and editing. Sounds boring, I know. But I also watched Andha Dhun, Badhai Ho and Namaste England. 
Tried… new recipes for Muffy. Yeah, even he craved for a change from the regular food!
Cooked… for the YouTube videos 🙂 

Ate… Pahadi Chicken and I so loved it. I’m going to make that for you soon.
Drank… Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows. Perfect for this weather.
Called… a friend who was my neighbor at our previous posting. It was fun to catch up. 
Texted… no one new. Just regular texts.
Hoped (to)… reconcile with a friend. But meh! There is only so much you can do.
Pinned… Nothing! My Pinterest was acting weird for over three weeks and it was up only yesterday.
Tweeted… about the YouTube videos!
Went… for the famous Jauljibi Mela. You get to see (and buy!) winter wears, carpets, and handicrafts from Tibet, Nepal, and India. Check today’s Instagram stories!
Loved… the Kashmiri Shawl from the Mela and I got it! 🙂 
Hated… to know that the husband has to work on a holiday too. 
Discovered… new places? 
Thought… about taking a much-needed vacay! I was going through all the pics which we took on our last trip to Thailand!

Felt… Proud of myself!
Listened (to)… Boney M, including Mamma’s favorite songs Motherless Child and Rasputin. 
Celebrated… Diwali! We had a Pooja organized at the Cantt Mandir and celebrated with diyas and sweets. 
Smelt (of)… Yardley English Lavender. My perfume!
Ordered… Few Winter wears and Boots 🙂
Thanked… my lucky stars for giving me such a loving blogging family!
Considered… taking up the Keto Diet again. Alas!
Started… well, the YouTube Channel!
Finished…hmm..rather, stoppedprocrastinating! I’m done letting it take over my life.

That’s all for now, folks!

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