All My Flaws #FridayReflections

I’ve been lying awake for two hours
Tossing and turning
Kicking off the blanket
Pulling it back up,

Alone now, I silently recall
The day we exchanged vows
staring into each other’s eyes
A sense of delight and devotion,
at least in mine.

It was a new feeling
A permanent smile on my face
Butterflies in my stomach
Heartbeats rising
A lump in my throat.

Life wasn’t as I imagined,
Years of insult, 
from your sullen mouth;
Of my flaws, tallied; slapping my face
and kicking me on the floor.

Shattering me
Into a million pieces
Wrecking my hope,
Breaking my spirit,
My soul.

Every time
it gnawed my insides
A tight knot in my stomach
The pain wriggling its way
As if there’s no end.

raspy breath, clenched teeth
I’d wondered,
if this was how my life’d be
from now on
until I died.

But how was it that
the mutter under my breath
came as a loud scream
Startling him
Once and for all?

He can never wreck my world, I’d then walked away,
my head held high
that fateful night
to live with all my flaws,
if ever there was one.

That’s all for now, folks!

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