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5 Things I’ve Learnt from Blogging #FridayReflections

It has been five years since I’ve started blogging. This blog started off as a food blog which then became a platform for random ramblings and letting my creative muse go for a wild run. It called for moving out and creating a separate blog, solely for food. It was one of the best decisions which I’ve made with regards to blogging and while that was sorted, I was having some trouble here. The good news is, this space went through re-branding, my writing has improved, and I spread my wings to niches that I could relate to. I’ve made some great friends through blogging, attended blogging conferences and learnt a great deal lot from bloggers who I admire so much.

5 Things I’ve Learnt from Blogging

Enjoy the Journey

I’ve been so obsessed with finding a niche for this blog. Sometimes, I wanted to be known as a book blogger – because come on, I love reading and I hoard them like crazy. There were times when I wanted to be a travel blogger – who else but me (or Fauji Wives like me) can write about the experiences we have when posted to remote locations. But then, I, my friends made me realize that I am a perfect amalgamation of all these and that I simply need to embrace this fact and move on. That’s how I began writing for my sheer love for it. 

The Power of Community

Ever since I joined Write Tribe (the first ever blogging community which I knew about), there was no looking back. I discovered like-minded bloggers and over the years, I have made some tight relationships who are close to my heart. Networking is one of the important aspects of blogging. While the current trend is all about you-scratch-my-back-i-will-scratch-yours, blogging requires you to be genuine even while reading and leaving comments on others’ posts. It helps you meet new bloggers, widen your audience and have an unadulterated community of your own. 

Hard Work Pays Off

Don’t go after monetization from the day you begin your blog. Blogging requires hard work and persistence. It tests your patience and sometimes, your temper. There are no hard and fast rules on making money through blogging. Provide quality content and maintain a healthy relationship with your readers. Be committed and keep at it long enough to see the results.

Social Media is your Best Friend

Social Media has become the way of life, especially for us, bloggers. While I have an account on almost all the prominent social media channels, I know where my true audience lies. While one platform offers you engagement, the other would drive traffic to your blog. The downside of too much Social Media would be losing your mental peace. Oh, sometimes, being blunt is the best way to put across a bitter truth. Social Media can be overwhelming. You get to see a lot of singing one’s own praises, but I’ve learnt to ignore them all. But taking a short break once in a while also works!

You Ought to have a Content Calendar

I always wrote on the go. But that resulted in inconsistencies and there were huge gaps in my blogging schedule. Whether it is the classic pen and paper or an excel sheet or the WordPress Content Calendar plugin, having one helps a great deal lot. You can plan, organize and have a clear vision as to what you should be doing. 

That’s all for now, folks!

Friday Reflections is a link up hosted by Corinne at Everyday Gyaan and yours truly. We invite you to join us every Friday to share a good cup of tea and your reflections based on the prompts we provide.

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 09 Nov 2018 is Prompt-free! But you can check this page for Prompt Ideas –> here


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