Five Pick-Me-Ups to Get Through My Day

We all need some time to slow down, unplug and unwind. Feeling frazzled due to stressful jobs and relationships is, unfortunately, a fated part of life. It is simply important to make time and space for yourself when you are neck deep in household chores, demanding children and collecting your dog’s poop. So what is your favorite pick-me-up? Here is a list of my top five ways to feel refreshed and renewed.

What's your Pick me up

What’s your Pick-Me-Up?

a. Pamper Yourself

Light some candles, turn off the lights and take a hot shower. Pop on a face mask,  pour yourself a glass of wine and play some music. These are the cues for my husband and he knows that I should better be left alone.

Meanwhile, if you can get to a spa or have a good massage, then nothing like it. 

This is also a time when I take some extra care to treat my hair and nails. I wish I could roll out of my bed and look like Shakira. But in a not-so-ideal world like mine, one needs to take care of her hair with massages and masks. And if I’m too bored, I go for a haircut and convince myself that I look like a million bucks. 


I hate growing my nails. But when I am in the mood to pamper myself, I do a manicure and pedicure at home and come out with neon nails. Oh, how my husband gets repulsed by it! But do I really care?

b. Spring Cleaning

Taking out old storage boxes, wiping, mopping, dusting and rearranging the furniture is amazingly liberating! I go about changing the look of the room, hang some new photographs and bring in fresh greens. Placing some fresh flowers in the vase will instantly rejuvenate your mind.


c. Take out the Planner

Now that I feel much better, I take out my planner, grab some funky stationery, sit on the swing, sip a cup of coffee and take a look at my life and its goals. I scribble down what went wrong, reflect and reset the goals as necessary. Writing things down makes me accountable. I do not like red marks on my planner and hence strive my best to meet deadlines. Blame it on the mild OCD traits I have. 

#Surprise #2 ❤ I love planners. Because my life runs on #lists. Every #december I’d go #planner hunting and splurge thousands. I never found that right one, that’s another story. So last year, I made one. I downloaded lots of free printables, pestered P into getting color printouts and binding them, only to find that it was ridiculous and then repeat the process all over again. I had given up. ❤ My search for planners began early this year, but since I was pretty busy the last couple of months with Sister’s #engagement, playing with my two #furballs #SimbaRNair and #chakkirnair I completely forgot about the hunt. ❤ That’s when this happened! @aliciasouza ‘s planner is here! It’s so perfect and quirky that I’m sure even on a day when I’m blue, one look at this planner will bring oodles of smiles and happiness. #aliciasouza is #bae Thanks #husband You’re the best❤ . .#planneraddict #plannernerd #plannerstickers #quirky #stationery #instagood #instadaily #bloggersofinstagram #lifestyleblogger

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d. Cuddle with your Dog

One of life’s simple pleasures is cuddling dogs. Muffykins is my cuddle buddy and I know for a fact, that he hates cuddles. But the warmth of his fur and a lick here and there instantly takes away all my worries.

I love it when you play ‘Boop Boop’ with me; I love it when you prepare yummilicious food for me; I love it when you get me new toys and bandanas and ties; I love it when you simply smile even when I pluck out your favorite plant from the garden; And I love it because I know how much I mean to you. Love you and Happy Mother’s Day, Mommy. Happy Mother’s day to all you SuperMoms out there! You are amazing! . . #MuffyRNair #MuffyTails #MufasatheGoldenRetriever 🐕🐾 . . . #happymothersday #mothersday #dogmom #ilovegolden_retrievers #thedailygolden #puppy #puppiesofinstagram #puppiesofig #mydogiscutest #instagood #instadaily #doglover #doglove #pithoragarh #puppyfirsts #dogslife #dogsofinstagram #dogoftheday #bestwoof #woofwoof #dailydog #lillyspicoftheweek #pet #goldenretriever #goldenretrieversofinstagram #goldenretrieverpuppy

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e. Do Something New

A new language? DIY. Read. Take a walk. Observe. Write. Travel alone. Be a tourist in your own city. Visit the nearest cafe. Dance. Sing. Call a friend. Text ‘him’. Invite friends over for a BBQ. Go to a spa with your girlfriends. Come out of your comfort zone. There is a whole world with new possibilities. Just Do It.


But if I’m too sad and blue, I stick to my bed all day and read a book.

That’s it. These are things I do to make me want to conquer my day with renewed energy! How about you? Let me know in the comment section.

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