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That Not-So-Perfect Selfie #Mobiistar

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I am someone who has plenty of photographs on my phone. A majority of these are my pet’s and the others are selfies.

A self-portrait photograph taken using your smartphone or a digital camera is what you call a selfie and it has taken the world by a storm. The word ‘Selfie’ was even the Oxford Dictionary’s Word of the Year in 2013.  While there is a huge debate as to the advent of selfies and its intrusion in many ways, I believe that an occasional selfie is no harm at all. Selfies exude positivity– you feel good, confident and comfortable seeing your beautiful self.

Selfies have also influenced blogging a great deal lot. Take a look at the Instagram feed of a fashion blogger, you’d be amazed. A few have given me serious Insta Goals if you know what I mean. Or for that matter, do you remember PM Modi’s innovative campaign of #SelfieWithDaughter? This campaign had become a rage across social media and was trending worldwide within hours. 

Selfie indiblogger mobiistar


“The best thing about memories is making them”. ~ Author Unknown

A photograph helps in creating memories. It helps in remembering and reminding you of the joy you had at that moment. While I have so many such photographs and selfies, there is one that particularly stands out. 

selfie contest indiblogger

They say blogging is a thankless job. You spend hours hunched over a laptop, whip out a good 500 words, edit and share some splendid photographs and then… bam! Nothing! Nobody reads you, and you sulk. You monitor your stats – be it social media, or the blog and you sulk even more. While some bloggers make it to the top, others often wonder why they aren’t being noticed.

When I first started this blog, I had no idea what I was doing. Thanks to my husband’s job, we are always posted in some mountaintop or the other where there is hardly any opportunity to attend a blogging event or make friends. Last November, I attended BNLF, the Indiblogger meet in Dehradun. Needless to say, I was so excited to meet a whole community of bloggers and writers. But you know what? It’s not easy making new friends. Of course, you meet people if you’re outgoing and upbeat, but I’m talking about real friendships.

…and then I met these two lovely bloggers – Kala Ravi Sarathy from Relax N’ Rave and Ramya Abhinand from Me Otherwise. I didn’t know what to expect. After all, they are one of the few bloggers I absolutely love and adore and whose work I secretly admire. But we clicked. Just like that! From the event to creating a Whatsapp group to real-life friendship, these bloggers have taught me many a thing.

They give me the intensity that I crave in a female friendship. They are my go-to girls to giggle with or hunker down for a heavy chat-fest. We can discuss anything under the sun without those judgy eyes. They “get it”, you know? Having blogger friends is a humongous advantage. They simply ‘get it’ when you are excited seeing your stats spike up, or about GDPR or SEO. You may try to make your spouse or your ‘regular’ friends understand these jargons. But Meh! Not only can your blogger friends give your blog a little push by leaving the first comment, they can also kick your golden a$$ when you are on a blogging rut. They are also always there to brainstorm and come up with fresh, new ideas.

“A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away.” ― Eudora Welty

So, there you have it- living proof of friendships made through the power of blogging! Whenever I feel a little blue (read, seeing the blogging stats), I remember this picture which stands as a testimony to what I love doing and reminds me to #EnjoyMore and explore more possibilities. This isn’t the perfect selfie with a beautiful background. I just wish I had a phone with a front camera that was wider and smarter. Mobiistar helps in giving you a meaningful selfie experience with a great dual selfie camera that can capture a 120° wide-angle shot. That’s my only regret- of not having had this perfect selfie camera for capturing this moment with the girls. Oh, and of looking as if I have just taken a bite into a lemon!


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