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Let’s make a List! Thailand Packing List

Thailand offers you a variety of things – be it the beaches and islands, trekking and rock climbing, temples and museums. It is a tropical country and if you think you can wear your swimsuits and short skirts everywhere, then you are in for a shock! Of course, if you want to idle your time away only on the beaches, then yes. But these are some of the essentials which I think is much needed on your trip to Thailand. This isn’t exhaustive, but I’ve tried to include all that we required as part of our Thailand packing list.

Thailand Packing List - What to pack for Thailand - What not to pack for Thailand


Flight ticket, Travel Insurance, Bus and Ferry Tickets, Show Tickets (Like Simon Cabaret or Siam Nimrat Show), Hotel Bookings, Passport, Visa, Credit and Debit Cards. Always scan the originals and save the scans on your laptop, mobile phone, emails, and your Google drive. Carry a hard copy as well.


Though you shouldn’t be carrying lots of cash, make sure you exchange a small amount to Thai Baht. From the moment you hop on a flight to Thailand, only Baht is valid. It will be useful in buying something onboard, to grab a bite and pay the taxi from the airport.


Invest in a good sunscreen for you would need it a lot. Thailand is hot and if you don’t want to return home burnt, apply every morning before you head out for the day. Also, Sunscreens are a bit expensive here. So, it is better to carry your trusted brand from home.

Mosquito repellant:

Apply a mosquito repellent by 5 in the evening. Though you are unlikely to catch Malaria in Thailand, the mosquito bites would just be irritating. They are found everywhere – including beaches and jungles. Mosquito repellant sprays are also available in the market.


Of course, you will be carrying your basic toiletries with you like a deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, and tampons. Carry in sachets or small bottles. Or else, buy it from the nearest 7 Eleven store. They are also provided on your hotel stay. Take a dry shampoo as well. It absorbs the oil and volumizes your hair.


Medicines are expensive in Thailand. Carry the bare minimum including band-aids, and meds that treat diarrhea. Ever heard of Bangkok Belly?


Well, it is going to be pretty hot and so, less is more.


Pack linen or cotton clothes. Swimsuits, scarves, and sarongs will be your best friend in beaches, especially since it is respectful to cover yourself when away from the beach. Carry loose trousers, wrap around skirts, maxi dress or elephant pants when you head to the Wats or the Grand Palace. It is imperative to cover your shoulders and ankles. Keep a light jacket because when you step into the hotel or taxi or a bus, it is going to be pretty cold. The air conditioning generally is very high. Though you needn’t buy a rain jacket or umbrella, Thailand is known for its sudden downpour. You will get these raincoats in 7-Eleven/Family Mart.

Sunglasses and Hat:

Be it on an island tour or visiting a Wat in Bangkok, these will help you beat the heat.

Quick Dry Towel:

Though beach towels are available, carry a quick dry towel.


Carry a good hiking shoes or sneakers, slip-ons and a pair of sandals. You will have to do a lot of walking and it is better to have a good pair of footwear. Slipons are especially useful when visiting Wats. You’ll have to remove them everytime you enter the shrine. You can also carry a lightweight formal shoes/sandals if you plan to head a posh bar or restaurant like Vertigo.

Backpack, Beach bag, and Packing Cubes:

Packing cubes are helpful to organize your clothes. A day backpack is needed before you head out to explore the city or beaches. You can carry all your essentials like a towel, sunglass, scarves, sarongs, additional dress, camera and your wallet.


It is necessary especially for island visits as it helps in keeping your electronics and cash from getting wet. You can also keep your wet clothes in a large plastic bag zip locks.

Wet wipes and Tissues:

This not only helps in wiping your hands and face but yeah, this could be your savior while dealing with a not so sanitary Thailand toilets when tissue papers are not available.

Electronic Items:

Carry a power adapter as most of the hotels have a two pin connection. Carry your camera because you do not want to miss capturing those glorious sceneries. Carry a power bank, spare batteries, chargers and memory Cards. Carry a small notebook/Ipad/Laptop and flash drives so that you can keep transferring the photographs while relaxing in your hotel room at night.

Luggage locks:

It is better to be safe than sorry. Lock your luggage before leaving your hotel room. It is also better to lock your backpack when on the boat during an island tour.


Kindle, Torch, Notepad, Pen, Hand sanitizer, Selfie sticks, and Waterproof phone case. The latter is especially useful to capture the beautiful marine life when you go snorkeling. Carry a Travel pillow as well. I never thought I would be needing one. But trust me, it is going to be a long flight and journey. Do your best to protect your neck.

What NOT to take to Thailand?

Do not carry expensive items including jewelry. You needn’t carry lots of cash as well, risking it to get stolen. ATMs are available in every nook and corner of Thailand. Do not carry heavy books. Replace it with a Kindle. A pair of jeans os more than enough, for it is heavy, Thailand is hot and it also is difficult to get dried up when wet.

Useful Apps for Traveling to Thailand:

a. GrabTaxi: Just like Ola Cabs or Uber, Grab Taxi is used for hailing cabs in Bangkok.

b. HERE WeGo: Offline Maps. Don’t the map of Thailand and you can navigate without an internet connection.

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What to pack for Thailand - Thailand Packing List


I am writing all about Thailand this April for the A to Z Challenge 2017. Thanks for all the love you’ve showered on this space! You can also check out my food blog for A to Z Indian Dishes to Die For. 

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