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My Old Room


The moon is nice and bright 
on this Saturday night;
I enter my old room
that smell of a different perfume.

Here’s where my childhood was alive
where I wailed, jumped and jived;
Its paint is now worn and weathered
treasured still, though smothered.

I was only away for a year
But that’s enough to take away something dear
Oh! Enough now I’m home to feel at a loss
The sister has now become the boss!

Teal and yellow has changed to shades of pink
Needless to say, my heart sinks.
Where are the flowers, windchimes, and books umpteen?
Now there’s only MAC, NYX, and Maybelline!

I walk up to the reading nook
to sit down and take a closer look
Ah! I find something! Tears roll down my cheek
And I’m unable to speak.

I’m transported back to a time and place
where decked up in silk, flowers, and necklace
I walked up the staircase
with elegance and grace.

The Carnatic music is played
with glorified moves, I swayed
Radha’s love evident in my eyes
Alaipayuthe I danced.

I danced to be alive
to keep me sane;
to mend my broken heart.
Oh, the very thought is tearing me apart!

But as I set my ghungroo aside
I feel a sense of pride.
Nothing else matters“, I whisper
for I’m the big sister!
I belong here where fond memories reside
So, out she goes, I vehemently decide!

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Problogger October 2017 Blogging Challenge and Friday Reflections by Corinne and Sanch. The prompt for today is Nostalgic.


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