A Pattern

She sits by the window
And stares at the moon
And on his cd player
Is the same old tune.
She knows every word
Every line in each song
It’s always on repeat
And she starts to hum along.

All the stars spell his name
All the photos tell a tale
And she smiles, sheds a tear
Her reflection ever pale.
She remembers all the good times
Every minute, every day
But in her eyes she is haunted
And the dreams fade away.

She doesn’t know what day it is
Or why she is still here
It’s a pattern set,
for months together.

She walks to the cradle and finds her angel,
Oh! the little one smiles all graceful
She feels him, his presence, his warmth and his words
Spreading cheer and a heart full of hope!

She cradles him and walks to the same old window
At the glow of the night where baby stars smile
It’s been a while;
but she smiles again with no disdain.

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Problogger October 2017 Blogging Challenge


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