One Last Time

One Last Time

He stood at Terminal number One
The top buttons of his shirt undone.
Looking deep into her eyes he wondered
When exactly has the magic faltered?
They had made love only a while ago
At his beautiful cottage on a meadow.
A love so pure and true
To the end, he saw this through.
She was his person, his happy place
Then why did she say she needed space?
He held her for one last time
“Oh baby, don’t do this crime!”
He hid his tears and walked away
“I hope you come back”, he prayed.


She stood at Terminal number One
Her hair messy and undone.
She looked deep into his eyes
Of sorrow and despair, her heart cries.
A night of passion and love
Little did he know, she would walk out of.
All was well, she saw this through
Until she went to the hospital for checkup and review.
“It’s terminal”, the doctor had said;
A few months tops were all that was left.
She held him for one last time
“Can’t put you through this, I’ve to do the crime!”
She hid her tears as he walked away
“Wish I had time to love you, any day, everyday!”

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Problogger October 2017 Blogging Challenge. The prompt for today is Terminal.


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