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What it takes to be an Army Wife – Guest Post for Shalz Mojo

A couple of years ago, I had written extensively on what it takes to be an Army Wife. We are a proud lot and we feel honored to have chosen a soldier as our husband. If given a chance to be an Army wife in our next birth, we would still choose to accept it. There are no two ways about it.  Yes, there is the agony of separation, the fear, and responsibilities. That’s just part and parcel of our lives.

When I knew a dear friend, a fellow blogger Shalini from ShalzMojo was inviting guest posts for celebrating her blog’s first anniversary as self-hosted, I knew I should do one. I know Shalini since last year, through a blogging challenge. I am amazed at the ease with which she writes on varied subjects – be it fiction, home decor, or social issues.  What I like best about her is the joie de vivre she brings to every conversation. Shalzy, as I would like to call her, loves to read about our Defence Forces. So, I thought what better than writing about my life as an Army Wife? That’s what I know. That’s what I can write from my heart. This one’s for you dear…

Army Wife - Life in the army

What it takes to be an Army Wife

Of course, life in the Army is fascinating! But do you think it is easy for us? That everything is given to us wrapped in a beautiful gift? We have learned it the hard way. Life as an Army Wife is no ballroom dancing!

“When is your Deployment due?”

It was three days before my wedding to the Olive Green when the photographers decided to do a photo shoot for the wedding album. While I had butterflies in my stomach, smiling and looking into his eyes, he blurted out, “I am deployed to a remote location in J&K and I should report on duty after seven days of our wedding”. My whole world came crashing down and the song from the movie BorderTo Chalun” started playing in my head.
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