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A Walk in the Malsi Deer Park | Dehradun Zoo

Some things don’t change. Say, a day out with your friend or a walk in the zoo. What if both of these are combined, that’s a memory to cherish forever, don’t you think? That weekend was epic, at the Malsi Deer Park, now Dehradun Zoo, doing one of my favorite things – Picnic in the park, taking a stroll with your little sister and a husband tagging along, who I am sure would be wondering ‘what on earth am I doing here with these spoiled brats!‘. True story!

I am told that Malsi Deer Park wasn’t one the main attractions on the Mussoorie Road, even though it is listed as such on popular travel websites. That was because of the sad state of affairs till about a year ago – with no proper maintenance of the park or the lack of fund to even feed the animals. However, that’s not the case now. Spread over 35 hectares, we could see a beautiful zoo in the making.

Malsi Deer Park - Dehradun Zoo Mussoorie

In today’s post, I will show you some pictures we took at the deer park. But first, let me make a confession. Finding the Zoo itself was challenging as we almost drove past the zoo, even though there were signs of ‘Malsi Deer Park’ along the Mussoorie Road. I had spotted ‘Dehradun Zoo’ on the way but dismissed it as it was the other we were looking for. We stopped by to ask for directions but none seemed to know. Trusting my instincts, rather adamancy or bullheadedness (P likes to call it that way! But the wife is always right, you know!) we decided to take a look at the ‘Zoo’ and that was it! The Malsi Deer Park had been renamed to Dehradun Zoo.

Malsi Deer Park - Dehradun Zoo - Dehradun Park

Upon entrance, we spotted a little play area for kids adorned with Chotta Bheem and Chutki. Neither of us wanted to awaken the inner child in us (well?) so walked past to find a pathway leading to some gorgeous birds including parrots and eagles.

Malsi Deer Park - Dehradun Zoo Birds

Malsi Deer Park pictures images - Dehradun Zoo Birds

The park is also home to peacocks, owls and emu.

Malsi Deer Park entry fees ticket price - Dehradun Zoo Emu

We walked for long… spotted this guy,

Malsi Deer Park animals - Dehradun Zoo Monkey

I’m here too!

a sleeping leopard…

Malsi Deer Park - Dehradun Zoo Leopard animals in malsi deer park -

Nope! Not in a mood! Not happening!

and even a dinosaur… That’s because the zoo is planning to set up a fossil park with life-size dinosaur models. But there was no sign of deer! Alas! We decided to head for a hot cup of adraki chai.

Malsi Deer Park Canteen

Upon chitchatting with a couple on honeymoon (yup!), we realized that we had missed covering an entire area packed with this beautiful four-legged animal.

Malsi Deer Park - Dehradun Zoo Deer

Well! Hello, there!

There were Antelops and Nilgais as well.

Malsi Deer Park - Dehradun Zoo Deer

Malsi Deer Park - Dehradun Zoo Deer


Malsi Deer Park - Dehradun Zoo Deer

The place is quite enormous and there is potential to make it a brilliant tourist attraction. Since the park is situated along the Dehradun-Mussoorie road, it will serve as an ideal pit-stop and a great place to hang out. The zoo is to add more animals like tigers, serpents, and crocodiles making it even bigger attractions to Doonites. I hope the aim of this park in conserving biodiversity, rescuing wild animals and making it a center for education.

Quick Malsi Deer Park | Dehradun Zoo Facts:

Location: Dehradun – Mussoorie Road, about 10km from Rajpur Road

Entry fees: Rs.10 per person

Timings: 10 am to 6 pm

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