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… and she’s four!! #BlogAnniversary

September 1, 2017

My Blog turns Four today! Happy Birthday, Blog!

Yippee yay! Before I dwell into any details, here’s what you can expect this month!

Uttarakhand Diaries kohleyedme.com

Thank you, dear readers, for always being there by my side, for being a part of my world and my happiness!

Four years ago, when I started this blog, it was with the sole aim of maintaining a record of the recipes I tried in my kitchen. I was newly married and I wanted to keep track of the ‘Eureka moments’ after experimenting. Later, I took baby steps and began to scribble few poems and snippets from my life, which was well received. Awards and Accolades came her way and she evolved.

There are three highlights aka the best things that happened to my blog this year, which I wanted to share on this special occasion.

a.  Moving to self-hosting – Tale of Two Tomatoes underwent some major re-branding and is now Kohl Eyed Me. Why did I do that? It was a huge decision! All I wanted was to let go of the many things that were attached to the previous title- few wounds are hard to heal.

b. Participating in the #AtoZChallenge – all four years. I absolutely love the madness and chaos that come with it. It opens doors for knowing some amazing blogs and bloggers, every single year. I had 4.3k views this April. This year, I chose to write on my recent trip to Thailand

c. Blogging Communities –  I am so happy and delighted to be part of few close-knit blogging communities – be it Write Tribe, Blogchatter, Blog-A-Rhythm (BAR) or the Book Club. They have helped me understand blogging in a better way and has inspired me to churn out excellent if not, exemplary posts. Being a part of Indiblogger and Blogadda opens doors for contests, sponsored posts and writing for some great prompts.

A handful of WOW posts, few contests won on the blog and Twitter, my blogging journey this year isn’t much to brag about. But, here are my Popular Posts:

Is a Meager RIP Enough?


Eight Questions Never to Ask An Army Wife

nickatnite friends oh my god nick at nite janice

Guns N’ Roses


Eight Things to do in Pattaya


The Grand Palace, Bangkok

The Grand Palace Bangkok

So, it is Four years, 536 posts, 73K+ footprints, a max of 579 views a day, and 15k followers later, I am set to begin another exciting year on Kohl Eyed Me.

I’m setting few goals for my blog, this year:

1. Write at least 2 posts a week

2. Do/Ask a guest post regularly

3. Participate in contests and not procrastinate

4. Read more

5. And celebrate all her baby steps

Thanks again for being a part of my journey. Keep visiting. Keep encouraging.

Much love,


I am taking my Alexa Rank to the next level with Blogchatter

Current Status of Alexa Rank: 1,375,999, India Rank: 78,894

P.S: Love Party Food? Join the celebrations at somethingiscooking.com Here’s a sneakpeek:


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