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Is a Meager ‘RIP’ enough? #MondayMusings

Having moved to a new flat and accomplishing the task of getting a “good” roommate, I had a great start to the Sunday. We were on our way to the theater early morning to watch the well-crafted, feel-good Malayalam movie Charlie, that I received a call from my husband. From the tone of his voice, I knew he was disturbed. But when he heard the elated me, he disconnected the call letting me know that he would call me back later.

My Sunday being hectic with having to rush from the theater to office (yeah, blame it on my job) and clearing a lot of pending work, I had little time to even check the FB notifications.

It was at night, after getting back home that I came to know of the #Pathankotattack. As I was reading the news, my husband gave a call and informed about Lt.Col Niranjan. His voice was trembling and I couldn’t utter a word out of shock and despair. Tears strolled down my cheeks as I remembered the cheerful face of the decent officer.

As my husband narrated the incident and the days they had spent together as comrades-in-arms, I sat dumbstruck when a thought crossed my mind. Anytime from now, it can happen to….

No! I cannot think that way. I cannot type those words.

We live a life of fear. Of alarm. Of terror. Of suspicion.

We at the Fauj are familiar with the saying, “Love your spouse with the opportunity you have. No one is guaranteed a tomorrow”.

The little girl is never going to hold her daddy’s finger. The wife will never feel his warmth or rest on his strong shoulders. Did you know that the Pathankot Martyr Garud commando Gursewak Singh was married only 45 days ago? No, we are a thankless nation and will continue to politicise the issues and pass insensitive remarks.

How can you justify this brutal attack? How can you justify this unnatural death?

I know for sure that this will soon be forgotten. Just like Maj. Sandeep Unnikrishnan, another NSG Commando or Lt. Saurabh Kalia. Oh yes, we will sure share a post in Facebook on 26/11 or Kargil Day (if you know which date it falls!).


When you tweet your heart away sitting on your cozy couch saying ‘we should put an end to terrorism and must fight terrorists ruthlessly’, just remember that these men who guard the frontiers will be the ones who will fight. And not you! These are the men who were in Utharakhand, in Kashmir, in Chennai and many others- anytime, any weather, any place. These are the men who believe ‘for your tomorrow we gave our today’.

Could you at least have the heart to pause and pray for the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for our nation’s security? Could you refrain from just saying ‘RIP’ and ‘Salute’ to them? I am not asking you to change your Facebook DP to the Indian National Flag like you changed to French when France was struck by terror.

Let the government take decisions. But as an Indian, as a citizen, can’t you understand that it is also your responsibility to guard the nation. Can’t you simply stop bothering if it is John who is on your left or Irfan on your right and worry about more important issues at hand?

Consider it as the lament of an Army Wife. But, my tears hasn’t stopped. With not even a body left with to grief for, can you feel what the family is going through? Is it okay if I wish that instead of joining the Indian Army, they had cleared Civil Services Exam so that they would never will have to fight to get a decent pension? Is it okay if I wish Lt. Col Niranjan should  not have been a commando, a fighter of this ungrateful nation?

As fresh explosions are heard in Pathankot, I’m merely asking whether their lives don’t matter? Or is it that they are destined to lay down their lives since they had decided to put on their uniform- be it Olive green, Blue or Whites?

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