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Eight Things to do in Pattaya

Considered to be the travel destination for bachelors, when you hear Pattaya, all you think of is the neon lights, thumping music, bustling nightlife, parties, ladyboys, risqué shows and massages and drunk tourists. But there is a different side to this city.

Pattaya View Point - Pattaya Things to Do

When we decided to include Pattaya on our itinerary, we were advised against it. Well, yes. Traveling from the tranquil islands to Pattaya was indeed a cultural shock for us. And it was like coming back to India, for all we could see was a sea of Indians and Indian restaurants.

But, Pattaya is a beautiful city with beaches, temples and some fun attractions. When in Pattaya, never miss out on these fun things.

8 Things to Do in Pattaya

  1. Big Buddha / Wat Phra Khao Yai: The “Big Buddha” of Pattaya justifies its name by having the biggest Buddha statue in the city at 18 meters in height. It is located on the top of Pratamnak hill.Big Buddha Hill Pattaya - Wat Phra Khao Yai Temple The journey to the statue is picturesque with the spectacular view of the coastline of Pattaya. Tourists come here to be mesmerized by the intricate designs of various Buddha statues, local people flock to this temple to offer prayers. Pattaya Attractions - Big BuddhaThere is a huge staircase that leads to the temple, adorned with golden dragons running along the entire handrails. At the foot of the stairs, which is the entrance to the temple, we can see seven-headed mythical snakes emerge from the dragon’s mouths.Big Buddha Images - PattayaAt the top, there are many beautiful Buddha statues in different postures, each representing the days of the week. If you know the day you were born, you can offer a prayer to this Buddha figure. From atop this hill, you can also see the beautiful view of the entire Pattaya town. Surrounding the temple there is a line of bells, which you can ring with a big stick. It is said that good luck favors those who complete it.Big Buddha Temple Bells
  2. Sanctuary of Truth: is a Herculean wooden structure adorned with intricate wooden carvings portraying Thai philosophy and culture. You can choose from varying packages starting from 500 Thai Baht and can get to watch Thai cultural dance performances, elephant trekking, Muay Thai fighting, horseback riding/horse carriage etc.
  3. Pattaya Beach: Famous for the Pattaya city sign, Pattaya beach is not wide from the main beach road which has palm trees down the paved promenade. Pattaya Beach - Pattaya Sign - Pattaya city ImageThe beach is not spectacular, for it is not very clean. However, you can definitely sunbath and relax, eating and chilling with a mug of beer.Pattaya Beach Road - Pattaya Beach - Pattaya Thailand - Pattaya Nightlife Pattaya Attractions - Pattaya Thailand Beach Pattaya Beach at night - Pattaya Beach Nightlife Thailand
  4. Walking Street: At the end of Pattaya Beach is the infamous Walking Street, where vehicles are not permitted on the roads after 6 pm. You get to see beer bars, restaurants, go-go bars, nightclubs and live music bars. This is where you head to so as to unleash the wild side in you. Oh, head there anyway, you will be surprised for sure. It’s a party paradise (especially for Bachelors!).
  5. Coral Island / Koh Larn: is a nice place to swim and relax. You get to explore your adventurous side as there are many adventure/water sports organized here, including parasailing, undersea walking, scuba diving etc.Pattaya activities - Pattaya attractions - Water sports - Koh Larn
  6. Art in Paradise is Pattaya’s only three-dimensional interactive art gallery with hundreds of cool paintings where you get to take fun, interesting illusion photographs. But be ready to spare at least 2-3 hours. AT LEAST.Art in Paradise Pattaya Thailand3D image art in paradise pattaya
  7. Pattaya Floating Market: As the name suggests, there are water vendors here, ie. vendors selling goods including souvenirs and food on their longtail boats. Great bargain for quality items, you also get to taste authentic Thai food here.
  8. Tiffany’s and Alcazar Cabaret Show: As in my previous post, Cabaret shows are popular in Thailand. Performed by stunning and super talented ladyboys, these are at par with the Las Vegas cabaret shows.


If you are in Pattaya for a weekend, DO NOT miss the Weekend Night Market. Wondering what that is? Stay Tuned. Like it? Pin It!

Eight things to do in Pattaya - Pattaya attractions - Pattaya activities Thailand

I am writing all about Thailand this April for the A to Z Challenge 2017. Thanks for all the love you’ve showered on this space! You can also check out my food blog for A to Z Indian Dishes to Die For. 

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