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Title: The Evil Twin?The Evil Twin Book Review - Book Blogger - P G Van
Author: P.G. Van
No: of Pages: 189
Genre: Hot Romance


When I had the chance to pick this book up for review, I was initially unsure. I had read the first book of the author’s – Destiny Decides and I realized it was out of my comfort zone. The book had turned out to have some excessive amount of intimate scenes that ultimately threw me into a tizzy.

This time however, I knew what I had signed up for, but Tadaa! I was impressed.


You can check out the detailed plot summary or blurb here.

This is a romantic tale of Vinitha Raj and Reyan Bhatia. Vinitha aka Vinnie had lost her parents in a car accident and lives with her aunt and cousin. She is that average ‘Indian by birth, American by choice girl’, who works as a bartender to fend for her living. She knows her cocktails and can make the right one for any. Her aunt and cousin Meg is her life and there is no room for men. She is however, always mistook by strangers for some other and she thinks she has a doppelganger.

One day, she witnesses Reyan’s car accident and helps him by calling for emergency and accompanying him in the ambulance. Events unfold and though in her turmoils and confusions, she finds herself attracted to his charm. Thus begin this passionate love affair. Vinnie comes face to face with the demons of her past and life throws many surprises at her. Her very own existence seems to be shaken and shattered into a million pieces. But Reyan doesn’t seem to open up much about his life. However, the hunger to be with each other and a love so passionate, raw and powerful triumphs in the end.


This is not just a story of passionate love making. The story finds its intensity when Vinnie learns about her past. The story also emphasizes on other beautiful relationships. Vinnie gets a soul sister in Annie, Reyan’s friend. Their friendship is magical and them turning out to be special confidants is mesmerizing. Other significant characters like Neel, her aunt, Meg and the parents shows promise. I also loved how easily Reyan and Meg connected.

The chemistry between the protagonists is sizzling hot (it’s a given, for it’s a hot romance!). And there are many (oh yeah, many!) steamy scenes making it a borderline erotica, I’m afraid. But no, unlike the author’s previous book, it doesn’t outweigh the story line. And God no, it’s not just a boy-meets-girl-and-then-some-hot-sex story. You aren’t deprived of romance.

The author’s love for cars and bikes is evident with the mention of Ferrari, Limousines and sports bikes. The title is apt and so is the cover. Kudos to the author for bringing out a well edited and carefully crafted book.

My Favorite Line:

“It’s a reminder of how you broke my heart that night by leaving without saying bye to me,” he said with such intensity that my heart fluttered even though my brain called bullshit.”

Do I Recommend?

Yes, for all those who love a perfect blend of love, suspense, mystery, comedy and hot love-making!


3.5 on 5

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