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Title: SoullessSoulless Book Review
Author: M.V. Kasi
No: of Pages: 288
Genre: Thriller/Romance

I didn’t know what to expect of this book when I picked it up. But the blurb assured that the book was going to be one hell of a suspense thriller. Did it get me hooked?


You can check out the detailed plot summary or blurb here.

Soulless is a revengeful tale of Sia, heir to the successful business empire – Blush International. She is a strong and ambitious girl. But she is also bold, rude and reproachful and that makes her different. She plans and plots with the sole aim of avenging someone – someone who torments her and gives nightmares- someone who has made her fearful of her own shadow at night- someone who has ripped her soul out as a child.

Sia had been adopted when she was nine and had lived with her aunt in Boston. She had given her aunt rough time as she suffered from sever psychological issues, drug addictions and sleep disorders. She had also attempted several suicide attempts ever since she was thirteen. It was Dr. Patel who helped her through rehab and arrive at her own answers and soothe herself. After her aunt’s death, Sia moves to Hyderabad to succeed in the mission she had been plotting since long.

But then she meets Ajay, a handsome successful entrepreneur who seems interested in her. Sia is drawn to Ajay’s charisma and charm. Though she didn’t want to have an emotional attachment with her prey, Ajay seems to fit the bill. They get intimate, but much to Ajay’s surprise, she leaves him the very same night.

He is heartbroken, but succumbs to his best friend, Jyothika’s yearning in getting married to each other. They have similar life aspirations and Ajay feels it is for the good. Meanwhile, Sia is guilty of exploiting a good and honest man but is also relieved that her plan had worked out. She now had Ajay’s baby in her. The news comes as a shock to Ajay, but he decides to keep his baby under sole custody and proposes marriage to her. He also urged to live in with her until the baby was born and that sets Sia in paranoia. She doesn’t want him to know of her childhood trauma and fears. She doesn’t want him to know of the demons of her past and the dark twisted secrets. But moreover, she doesn’t want to hurt him and pull him into something too deep that it felt like drowning.

Though it was a marriage of convenience, they realize they are well-suited for each other. She begins to share secrets kept inside her withered heart and didn’t want to let go of him ever. He had made her dream and hope. He had made her alive and long for happiness that now she has a brand new phobia—the fear of abandonment.

Who is Sia scared of? Who is the monster from her nightmares? What happened in her childhood that she craves for vengeance? Why take advantage of Ajay by having his baby?


Kudos to the author for writing about such a sensitive topic as child abuse. It is relevant in today’s age, especially since many parents tend to ignore their child’s cries and pleas as made-up tales.

The characters are defined beautifully and Sia’s portrayal needs a special mention. It was one hell of a ride getting to know her, her internal battles and her fight against dreads and dismay. The fear and trauma of a sexually abused child is delineated to perfection and the author’s research on anxiety, PTSD, addiction and repressed memories has come into use.

The story is fast paced and the descriptions are detailed and precise. The chemistry between Sia and Ajay is sizzling hot and their passionate encounters definitely let steam come out of the pages.

I also liked how the author unveiled the plot little by little, making me hooked to the story till the end.

The title and cover of the book justifies the story.


I was aghast to know that the book had ended all of a sudden, that too after a huge revelation. I understand that the author didn’t want to rush Sia’s story and that the readers will have to wait for the sequel.

While the writing style is simple and easy, the book can definitely improve on the editing front.

Do I Recommend?

Yes. For the strong plot. It is an interesting romantic thriller with unexpected twists and turns.


3.5 on 5

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