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Destiny Decides : Book Review

Title: Destiny Decidesdestinydecides
Author: P.G. Van
Number of Pages: 388
Genre: Fiction, Romance

My body arched towards him and my head fell backwards giving him room to move his lips along the length of my neck. I reached out to run my fingers through his hair in response to the thrust from his tongue on my neck. He took in a deep breath against my neck and as he reached my ear lobe, he whispered in a very hoarse voice, “I wanted to do this at your front door”.

Almost a decade of pain pent up inside her, Sameera manages to lead a simple life with her older sister as her roommate. She wonders if she would have lasting happiness in her life as every time she finds happiness it is yanked away from her before she realizes it.

Nick was her best friend in high school and is now back in her life after all these years and it is very clear that he wants more than just friendship. He expresses his need for her very early on shaking up Sameera’s quiet world.
Will Sameera learn to stop bracing herself for the next big tragedy and learn to accept that she was destined to meet Nick?

Is Nick the pillar of strength for Sameera to work through her challenges and internal conflicts?
Can she trust the guy she had known many years ago? Nick is not a high school kid anymore; He is a successful businessman that leads a life of extreme luxuries. Nick seemed to know everything about her? How? She steps out of her comfort zone for Nick but can she hang on to him. Is Nick the guy that she was destined to meet or is he going to cause her another heart break?

Sameera’s journey in this passionate love story as she discovers the meaning of true love and realizes the power of destiny.


Destiny Decides is the first book that I’ve read of the author and it doesn’t disappoint. This is a love story of Sameera and Nikhil but is also a story of friendship, sisterhood and family. Sameera and Nikhil were best friends from high school but due to inevitable incidents, had to part ways. Little did she know that he will come into her life once again, that too with a bang. Sparks fly when they come together and romance builds up effortlessly. But as Sameera eases into a passionate romance with Nikhil, she tries to fight her inner demons. Is she taking the relationship too fast? Can she trust this guy? Will the cruel hands of destiny meddle with her life yet again?


Loved Nikhil! That’s the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of this book. He may have been picturized too good to be perfect, but he is a perfect hero- handsome, loyal, charming, passionate and protective. Yeah, I run out of words trying to describe him. I loved the first meeting between them which kind of reminded me of some Bollywood movie. I had to restrain myself from hooting and whistling out of sheer excitement.

I had also loved the beautiful bond between the two sisters and also the friendship between Nikhil and Srini. I was also impressed with the sense of loyalty that Sameera has towards her family. Keeping in mind a larger audience (both in India and abroad), the author has done a brilliant job explaining the various Indian customs and rituals. The writing is good and effortless.


The sex scenes! Too much is too bad. The excessive dosage of intimate scenes threw me into a tizzy.

Do I Recommend?

Yes for it’s sweet, Mills and Boon- like story.


3.5 on 5

Disclaimer: I received a free e-book copy from the author via the Book Club. I did not receive any monetary compensation for the same. Thanks for the opportunity.

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