Night of Shame

The evening has arrived,

The sun had set and the moon has shined,

At the crack of dawn when the world will rejoice

I will party with my friends and make some noise.


Tomorrow is not just any other day,

It’s a new year, new beginning, a fresh chance to be back from astray.

Resolutions, goals and promises have been made,

But a break from work is all I need.


A-line skirt and strappy heels

I had chosen my outfit, oh yay!

Little did I know that my joy would turn into horror

In seconds, in minutes, in just another hour.


Celebrations turn into dread,

Of unruly men pawing, groping and mauling until we fled.

Out in the open, watched by hundreds of cops

I was being hunted down, with those able claws.


Little did I know, me being a woman gave you the right

To grab me without my consent.

I keep forgetting that I will be judged for what I wear,

When and where I go

And then you remind me so.


I would be shh’ed now and given lectures on how to dress up

But short skirts or burqa, I know my fate, I well up.

For I should always carry my dupatta, I swear

Because men oh men, you have the right to stare.


Teach your sons and brothers the right way to behave

And aspire to be men of honor and control their crave.

Nourish them with goodness, I pray

To not be mute spectators and move on saying, ‘anyway‘.


Let no girl feel haunted and hunted,

When she is one, eleven or hundred.

Let her be safe and not blameful

Just because you are hateful and act disgraceful.

Night of shame - poem - bangalore - new year

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