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Daisy Jones & The Six – Book Review

You must know that I had finished reading Daisy Jones & The Six only a couple of minutes ago. So, this book review is going to get very real.

“We love broken, beautiful people. And it doesn’t get much more obviously broken and more classically beautiful than Daisy Jones.”

I had seen this doing the rounds on Bookstagram the whole of last year and yet I somehow didn’t pick this up. But a few days ago, a dear blogger whose recommendations I trust, read and reviewed the book. Hey, Nabanita, yes, I am talking about you!

That said, here’s why I think you should read Daisy Jones & The Six.

Daisy Jones & The Six: Book Review

Daisy Jones & The Six is my first attempt at audio books. No, strike that. It’s my first SUCCESSFUL attempt at audiobooks. Usually, I sleep listening to audiobooks in a matter of minutes. So, this time, I tried something different. While I listened, I also read the book on my Kindle. I must say, this being a non-fiction book helped!

This book is written in an interview format of the former members of the band. So, it is mostly through their conversations that the “story” flows. The buildup of the story, suspense, and the pacing is perfect. From the inception of the band, the reader is taken through the process, getting to know each of the characters and their dynamics with each other.


Daisy is a girl coming of age in L.A. in the late sixties. The sex and drugs are thrilling, but it’s the rock ‘n’ roll she loves most. By the time she’s twenty, her voice is getting noticed, and she has the kind of heedless beauty that makes people do crazy things. Also getting noticed is The Six, a band led by the brooding Billy Dunne. Daisy and Billy cross paths when a producer realizes that the key to supercharged success is to put the two together. What happens next will become the stuff of legend.


“I had absolutely no interest in being somebody else’s muse.
I am not a muse.
I am the somebody.
End of fucking story.”

First of all, I loved the relationship that Billy Dunne and Camilla had. Camilla was Billy’s girlfriend and just before The Six goes on a music tour, they find out Camilla was pregnant. The two get married but Billy is sucked into the glory of being a rockstar. And Camilla being a badass, keeps the marriage together even after finding Billy in a compromising situation. I believe she strived to put confidence in the good of people always.

“I think you have to have faith in people before they earn it. Otherwise, it’s not faith, right?”

I loved how the book started with Daisy and the background of her family and life in general. There were moments when my heart reached out to her and I didn’t know that I was going to feel the same until the very end.

I realized only later that this was actually a fiction book. Yes, it is clearly stated that it’s a novel. But it is one of those books where you “Google” to find out if the band was real. I had called up my mom (who loves her Boney M and Beatles to the core) to know if she’d heard of Daisy Jones. Oh, I can be so stupid at times.

But the story seems real. The characters are raw, sexy and edgy. They are flawed yet full of depth. Somewhere around the middle, I realized that the best decision I made was to listen to the audiobook. It was the best way to absorb the story (Told ya, I thought the band existed in real!).

I also loved the songs they shared and the amazing vibe the rock & roll created.

“But loving somebody isn’t perfection and good times and laughing and making love. Love is forgiveness and patience and faith and every once in a while, it’s a gut punch. That’s why it’s a dangerous thing, when you go loving the wrong person. When you love somebody who doesn’t deserve it. You have to be with someone that deserves your faith and you have to be deserving of someone else’s. It’s sacred.”

Kudos to the women in the book – be it, Camila, Karen or Daisy, they have got an identity of their own. This was my first Taylor Jenkins Reid read and I think I will be picking up her popular book Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo soon.

Here are a couple more favorite quotes from the book. *I should probably quote the entire book, but you know. Meh. Whatever!

“I used to think soul mates were two of the same. I used to think I was supposed to look for somebody that was like me. I don’t believe in soul mates anymore and I’m not looking for anything. But if I did believe in them, I’d believe your soul mate was somebody who had all the things you didn’t, that needed all the things you had. Not somebody who’s suffering from the same stuff you are.”

“Love and pride don’t mix.”

“I wish someone had told me that love isn’t torture. Because I thought love was this thing that was supposed to tear you in two and leave you heartbroken and make your heart race in the worst way. I thought love was bombs and tears and blood. I did not know that it was supposed to make you lighter, not heavier. I didn’t know it was supposed to take only the kind of work that makes you softer. I thought love was war. I didn’t know it was supposed to… I didn’t know it was supposed to be peace.”

Nothing I wouldn’t do/to go back to the past and wait for you.”

Needless to say, it is a 5-Star Read!

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